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How To File a Police Report for a Car Accident in Texas

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At Daspit Law Firm, our compassionate attorneys understand that being involved in a car accident can be an overwhelming experience, especially if the accident results in serious injury to drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. Following a car accident, you will need to report it to your insurance company and file a claim for damages. However, if you have a police report for the accident before filing a claim or speaking to insurers, then you can use the report as evidence to support your claim. Below, we explain how to file a police report and properly document a car accident.

What Do I Have to Do After a Car Accident in Texas?

Under Transportation Code Title 7, Subchapter B, drivers in Texas must immediately pull their vehicle over at the scene of the accident, return to the scene if the driver failed to stop, and check to see if anyone at the scene requires aid.

Drivers must also swap information with the other driver, show a driver’s license if asked, and help anyone who is  injured obtain medical care. If you fail to stop at the scene of the accident and complete these duties, then you can be charged with a hit-and-run.

Do I Need to Call 911 for a Car Accident?

Under Texas law, you must call the police from the scene of the car accident if it results in injuries, fatalities, or at least $1,000 worth of property damage. You should call 911 while you are at the scene of the accident and explain what happened. Make sure you do not admit fault while speaking with the officer. Request paramedics to the scene if anyone has sustained serious injuries.

Filing the Police Report

In the state of Texas, you have two options to file a police report: you can file it with the police officer who responds to the scene of the accident, or you can file it with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) after the accident if there are no injuries, fatalities, or property damage.

You should write down the  police report number and check to see if the responding  officer submitted the crash report to the Texas Department of Transportation within 10 days of the accident. Even if you file a police report, you should still collect witness statements and take pictures of the accident scene and any injuries or property damages before you leave.

It is also important to remember that filing a police report does not automatically initiate an insurance claim. You can still file a police report without speaking to your insurance company. In fact, you should consult with an experienced car accident lawyer to discuss the details of your case before speaking to any insurance adjusters regarding the accident. A seasoned attorney can explain all of your options and help negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance companies.

Let Our Legal Team Help Maximize Your Car Accident Claim

We believe that fighting to recover compensation after a serious car accident should not put you further into debt. That is why The Daspit Law Firm operates on contingency fees. This means that we do not collect attorney fees unless you are awarded compensation. Although navigating the claims process can seem like a maze of paperwork and endless hoops to jump through, our skilled legal professionals are here to handle all of the complicated tasks and protect your rights after a car crash.

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All too often, accident victims are steamrolled by insurance companies determined to minimize or deny their claims. Don't let this happen to you. Hire us to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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