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Non-Subscriber Work Injuries

We extend our legal services to Dallas Walmart employees in any position in the company and who are injured at work for any reason. Whether you are a stockroom employee who slipped on a loose product or a cart-runner who was hit by a negligent driver, we want to be the legal team that represents you.

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Walmart Work Injury Attorneys

Litigating Non-Subscriber Claims

Unlike other states, Texas does not require its employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. When a company, like Walmart, opts out of the statewide workers’ comp program, they are referred to as a “non-subscriber.” Non-subscribers tend to make their own rules and cover employees using customized insurance plans.

If you were injured on the job at Walmart, your claim will not be as straightforward as it would be with another company.

Luckily, our experienced workers’ comp attorneys at The Daspit Law Firm are experienced in non-subscriber laws and dedicated to protecting your rights.

Walmart in Texas

For many years, Walmart has been the world’s largest retailer. It was only surpassed by Amazon in May of 2019. The company has 11,438 retail units and employs about 2.2 million workers worldwide. In January of 2019, Walmart’s total revenue was $514.4 billion.

Walmart employees work as hourly associates, store managers, and department heads and assume other roles in back-of-house, warehouses, and merchandising. All of these positions expose workers to accidents and injuries, just like any other job. Unlike any other job, however, positions at Walmart in Texas do not come with the rights and options that workers usually enjoy.

If someone slips and falls, is struck by an object, hurts themselves while lifting, or is subject to an act of violence while working at Walmart, workers’ comp benefits may not cover their medical expenses, partial lost wages, or other benefits.

Instead, Walmart uses its role as a non-subscriber to issue benefits on its own terms. Workers who file a claim must follow company claim guidelines as carefully as possible if they wish to recover.

If you are unsure of your next steps or facing hard-to-decipher paperwork, our firm can help.

How to File a Walmart Non-Subscriber Claim

Even though Walmart is a non-subscriber, you will still have legal rights after sustaining a workplace injury. Because Walmart is a huge corporation, it is carefully regulated by Texas workers’ comp laws. While the company can decide which types of coverage to provide, they will still provide certain benefits. Nevertheless, you must follow all the company’s rules and policies to qualify. Taking the following steps can help you adhere to the process:

  • Report your accident immediately. The sooner you speak to your supervisor, the stronger your case will be.
  • Follow all given instructions. When your supervisor gives you additional information, adhere to it. You may be required to see a specific doctor or file within certain time limits. If you don’t do these things, you can jeopardize your claim.
  • Get in touch with a lawyer. If Walmart does not compensate you properly, you have every right to bring about a personal injury claim against them. Our attorneys can help you with this!

Even if your Walmart workers’ comp claim seems straightforward, you should discuss it with an attorney before signing anything. Too often, employees do not fully understand the non-subscriber system and face complications like delayed benefits.

Having an attorney can help you handle each step of your case with confidence and clarity. Our firm can help you stand up to Walmart and negotiate a better settlement with its private insurers.

What to Expect

If you file a successful workers’ comp claim against Walmart and its insurance company, all your accident-related medical expenses will be covered.

You may also receive compensation for lost wages if you are temporarily out of work. Sometimes, non-subscriber policies do not cover disability or death benefits, but you may be able to receive this compensation through a personal injury claim against the company.

Remember: you have rights and we are here to help protect them!

Why Hire Us

The Daspit Law Firm has a reputation for obtaining fair and full compensation for the injured. We also have unparalleled legal experience and offer personalized, effective service with 24/7 availability.

If you are ready to get started on your claim or need to pursue additional resources after dealing with a non-subscriber, call us at (888) 273-1045 or request a free consultation online.

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