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Property Contamination

At The Daspit Law Firm, we fight for the rights of those who have suffered losses as a result of the wrongful actions of others. While a large percentage of our clients come to us for help with claims involving car accidents, medical malpractice, on-the-job injuries and other types of accident claims, personal injury and wrongful death claims are not the only types of cases we handle. Our Houston environmental contamination attorney also represents property owners in claims involving property contamination caused by oil and gas drilling companies and other corporations.

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Property Contamination Cases

Helping Property Owners Claim Compensation

Attorney John Daspit has an extensive background in the field of toxic torts, and in fact he has defense experience in this field. In one important case, he represented an oil and gas company facing allegations of contamination on the part of landowners in an area where the company historically had engaged in exploration and production operations. This experience of having practiced on the other side of the courtroom gives Attorney Daspit unique insight into the strategies the opposition will use to discredit your claims.

Property Contamination Caused by Oil and Gas Drilling Operations

Oil and gas drilling can bring enormous economic benefits to an area, such as in the form of new employment opportunities, profits for local businesses that serve the drilling company and its workers, and the revenues generated by leases. These activities, unfortunately, also carry the risk that toxic chemicals will contaminate the land, as in the case of the controversial fracking procedure. Drilling for oil and natural gas can effectively blight the property.

From contaminated water and brownfields, to hazardous vapors in the air, to infertile soil and even the unsightliness of tire tracks, trenches, slush pits and mud pits, and derelict equipment rusting away in the field, drilling operations can ruin the environment where they take place. Property contamination can also pose a serious threat to those who live and work in the area. For example, many of the chemicals used in oil drilling are known carcinogens, and may cause harm to those who breathe the contaminated air or drink the contaminated water.

The drilling company can be expected to have its own internal procedures for cleaning up waste and preserving the environment, and ideally, these should be enough to repair the damage. Unfortunately, many companies are lax or even outright negligent in following these policies, in addition to violating governmental regulations concerning environmental protections. As a result, you may find that the land that which might have been in your family for generations is now useless and even dangerous to live on. To make matters worse, the property values have likely plummeted, and you may now be stuck with land for which you cannot even find a buyer.

Do you have grounds to sue for property contamination?

With our help, you may be able to recover financial compensation in the form of monetary damages for any actual losses you have suffered in terms of reduced property value, costs of cleanup and other expenses. You could additionally stand to receive payment for any medical treatment necessary to treat injuries from chemical exposure, as well as for anticipated future treatment. We may also be able to recover an award of punitive damages if it can be demonstrated that the contamination was a result of gross negligence or misconduct.

Furthermore, a victory in your case could mean that the judge would order the drilling company to take measures to restore the land to an acceptable condition and to mitigate the future effects of the contamination.

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