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Tractor Accidents

If you or your loved one was involved in a tractor accident, our personal injury attorneys at The Daspit Law Firm stand ready to help. We treat every case as if it were our own and have successfully handled a wide variety of personal injury cases. Our firm proudly represents injured victims and surviving family members of farming-related accidents.

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Tractor Accidents & Injuries

Tractor Accidents Lawyer

50% of farm-related accidents and injuries involve tractors, making them a leading cause of death and permanent disability in the agriculture industry. Rollover accidents have the highest fatality rate of all tractor-related accidents in the United States. According to one study, over 75% of tractor accident injuries require antibiotic treatment (to prevent infection) or surgery. Research suggests that most of these incidents are caused by human negligence. One study, conducted over a seven-year period, estimated that rollover accidents contributed to 45% of tractor-related deaths.

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Tractor overturns and other accidents are a serious threat to the safety of farmers. Although tractor safety standards have improved over time, human negligence and mishandling are still responsible for many accidents and deaths. One study indicated that, over a period of seven years, 1,100 people died in tractor rollover accidents.

Other fatal tractor accidents include:

  • Falling from Tractors – 13%
  • Run-Over Accidents – 12%
  • Crush Injuries – 10%
  • Entanglement Accidents – 5%
  • Uncategorized Tractor Accidents – 15%

Tractor Accidents Are Preventable

Rollover accidents are preventable. Since 1976, the Department of Labor required that all tractors conform to ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) Standards, but a high percentage of tractor accident deaths are still caused by overturns. In addition to ROPS standards, employees who operate tractors must receive safety training.

This training includes the following information:

  • Employees must wear a seatbelt when operating an ROPS-equipped tractor
  • Always set the brakes securely when the tractor is stopped
  • Only hitch the tractor to recommended hitch-points on the drawbar
  • Employees should never allow guests to ride the tractor
  • Avoid steep slopes
  • Avoid driving near ditches
  • Drive cautiously
  • Avoid driving over stumps
  • Never drive at an unsafe speed

The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation reports that ROPS structures are not designed to prevent rollover accidents. Employees must act responsibly while operating heavy machinery. Additionally, employers should never allow an employee to operate a tractor that does not conform to safety standards, or permit an employee to operate a vehicle without safety training.

Tractor Accidents & Children

Studies show that children have the highest rate of machinery-related deaths. Most of these deaths are caused by the following situations:

  • The child is struck by the machinery
  • The child is a passenger on the machinery

Tractors are not designed for passengers; they are designed with safety features to protect one person: the driver. If a negligent driver allows a child to ride the tractor, the driver could be held responsible for any injuries suffered by the passenger.

Lawyer for Tractor & Farming Accidents

Irresponsible driving is a contributing factor to some rollover accidents, but even a safe driver can suffer serious injuries in a tractor accident.

If you or someone you love suffered a serious injury in a tractor rollover for the following reasons, you could be eligible for financial compensation:

  • The tractor did not conform to ROPS Standards
  • The employee was not properly trained by the employer
  • The tractor was defectively designed / manufactured

To learn more about your rights after a serious tractor accident, contact the trusted personal injury team at The Daspit Law Firm. Attorney John Daspit is a seasoned legal professional with the passion, knowledge, and skill to help you obtain the case outcome that you deserve.

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