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Common Factors Contributing to Oil Field Accidents

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There are thousands of rigs all over the state of Texas extracting oil and natural gas from the earth. While oil rigs employ tens of thousands of workers, the dangers of oilfield accidents and related injuries looms over employees in this industry. Oilfield accidents can be devastating and result in catastrophic injuries, and even death. Our team at Daspit Law Firm knows that the work oil and gas workers do is both valuable and dangerous, which is why we are committed to helping clients across Texas recover fair compensation for their oil field accident injuries.

Oil field workers need to be aware of the many different ways that accidents might arise at a refinery or drilling site. The following are the most common factors that contribute oilfield accidents:

  • Defective or Faulty Equipment: Oil drilling and extraction requires heavy equipment and complex machinery that must receive regular maintenance. If maintenance is neglected, then the equipment can malfunction and cause devastating injuries. That is why companies in this industry must check their equipment and report and repair any issues they find that can cause injury.
  • Explosions & Fires: Due to the hazardous and flammable materials that are commonly used in the oil and gas industry, working in an oilfield puts employees at an increased risk of burn injuries. A tiny spark can ignite a fire if it comes into contact with any of the volatile gases or liquids that are commonly found at oilfields and other drilling sites. Explosions can also occur if the flames make their way to storage tanks, pipelines, and any other type of infrastructure with hazardous substances.
  • Poor Training: Inadequate training poses a major danger to anyone who is near an oilfield.  Although oil and gas operators are supposed to ensure employees meet specific training requirements, inexperienced workers who are rushing to meet production demands often create all sorts of unsafe situations that can lead to oilfield accidents.
  • Oil & Gas Truck Accidents: The CDC reports that oil and gas truck accidents account for more than 40% of work-related deaths in the oil and gas industry. Oilfield truck drivers must take extra precautions when traveling near busy worksites and also need to be aware of incoming and outgoing traffic and pedestrians who are traversing the area to perform various tasks.
  • Falling Equipment: Oilfield workers are usually required to wear helmets and protective head gear if they are around a drilling operation. Helmets are a crucial part of an oilfield workers outfit because falling equipment from a collapsing deck or loose parts of machinery can cause safety hazards.

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Whether you or a loved one were struck or crushed by malfunctioning equipment or suffered severe burn injuries in a devastating oilfield accident, Daspit Law Firm has the legal resources and practical insight that you need in your corner to fight for justice and fair compensation. Turn to us today so we can get to work and determine if your accident was caused by worker negligence, failure to implement and enforce safety regulations, or defective equipment.

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