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Oil Field Accidents & Explosions

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West Texas Oil Field Accidents and Explosions

Helping Injured Oil Field Workers and Their Families Recover Compensation

Texas is home to thousands of energy firms, employing many individuals in high-paying, but dangerous work in oil fields. Oil field accidents have been known to cause catastrophic injury for a variety of reasons, leaving many workers and families debilitated. Accidents at oil fields can involve serious injuries such as severe burns, crushed bones, loss of limb, brain and spine injury, and more.

The Daspit Law Firm is well-acquainted with personal injury cases of this nature, and can help you and your family navigate steps toward legal recovery if you have suffered injury and loss in an oil field accident.

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Types of Oil Field Accidents

An individual can be severely injured on an oil field if an explosion takes place. Because oil is highly flammable, it does not take much for an explosion to occur. Furthermore, injury and death can be caused by a rig collapse or blowout, chemical exposure, or being crushed by heavy equipment.

Oil field workers are required to follow OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety guidelines. Employers and supervisors are required to ensure that these safety precautions are taken. Even though this line of work is dangerous, employees are still entitled to a safe work place and supervisors must do everything in their power to uphold this right.

Your case may be a workers’ compensation claim, which can provide you with compensation for your damages without taking anyone’s negligence into account. If this option is not available to you, you may pursue a personal injury claim. You may be entitled to damages if your accident was caused by the negligent or careless actions of a supervisor or other worker. Lastly, you may sue a product manufacturer if the injury was caused by defective machinery or equipment.

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All too often, accident victims are steamrolled by insurance companies determined to minimize or deny their claims. Don't let this happen to you. Hire us to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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