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West Texas Landlord Liability Lawyers

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If you were injured as a result of criminal conduct, the person who committed the crime is usually responsible for any resulting injuries. However, if someone with whom care and control of the property were vested failed to take reasonable steps in preventing the crime from reaching you, they may be held liable for covering the losses you incurred from the commission of that crime.

Holding property owners—such as apartment managers and landlords—responsible for the injuries caused by the criminal actions of a third party is a challenging legal issue. Fortunately for you, The Daspit Law Firm’s landlord liability attorneys in West Texas have years of valuable experience in litigating accidental injury cases, including matters involving the negligent conduct of landlords.

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The Law of Landlord Liability for Criminal Acts of Third Parties

Under Texas law, landowners generally do not have a legal duty to protect others from third-party criminal conduct. However, courts have held that persons who exercise control over the premises—such as apartment landlords and property managers—may be liable for injuries resulting from the unreasonable and foreseeable crimes of third parties.

According to Texas courts, the foreseeability of a crime depends on the following factors:

  • Similarity: Courts will consider the similarity between the crime during which the plaintiff was injured and other crimes that often occurred nearby when determining the landlord’s liability of the plaintiff’s injury.
  • Frequency: If the property saw much criminal activity within a given time, a court will more likely hold the apartment owner or manager liable for injuries that result from such activity.
  • Recency: If other crimes occurred soon before the injury-producing criminal activity happened, it might show that the landlord had reason to know that such activity presented a risk of harm to others.
  • Publicity: The foreseeability of an injurious crime also depends on how well-known the incidence of criminal activity is for the area. If the property has a reputation for criminal activity, a court might hold the landlord responsible.
  • Proximity: Courts will consider how close other crimes occurred to the property’s immediate vicinity. The closer in proximity the other crimes occurred, the more likely the apartment owner or manager is liable for resulting injuries.

Ultimately, the liability of a landlord for injuries caused during the commission of a crime is determined from case to case. For example, if the area near the property was a well-known place for DUIs, the apartment may be liable for the plaintiff’s DUI injury if they did not take steps toward protecting them against such injuries. Apartment owners may be required to warn others about the history of DUIs in the area to avoid liability for any injuries that result from such DUIs. Conversely, an apartment owner might not be responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries if they resulted from a burglary and not a DUI.

However, courts will consider these factors together, rather than individually. Thus, prior crimes that occur more recently near the property’s immediate vicinity do not necessarily need to be similar to the crime during which the plaintiff was injured.

Get Effective Legal Counsel from Our Landlord Liability Attorneys in West Texas

You should not have to assume financial responsibility for the injuries you suffered at the hands of a criminal. Unfortunately, many criminals may not have the resources to cover the financial losses you incurred at their hands. However, if someone had a legal obligation for preventing such injuries from befalling someone like you, they may be liable for paying you compensatory damages.

To better understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to recovering a legal remedy for your injuries, you should consult an experienced landlord liability lawyer in West Texas. At The Daspit law Firm, our team of reputable attorneys is prepared to zealously advocate for you legal interests. With numerous years of collective experience, you can count on us to protect your rights and interests during the litigation of your injury claims.

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