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Class Action Lawsuits

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West Texas Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

Benefits of Class Actions

Filing a standard personal injury or wrongful death claim can be expensive and complicated. This is because it takes a law firm many hours of work to collect all the necessary evidence through investigation and build an effective case that will convince insurance companies or juries to agree upon a fair and full compensation amount for the injured. The personal injury attorney may even need to hire other experts to contribute to the case, which also adds to the cost of the ordeal. For these reasons, it may not be in your best interest to go this route if your case is not likely to result in a large settlement or verdict.

However, in class action litigation, a personal injury attorney represents a group of wronged individuals at once, combining several claims into one. The amount of financial recovery is almost always higher than for individual claims, which makes this option much better for people in many cases. If several people were injured or harmed by the same entity, this strengthens the case and the full amount those injured parties can recover.

Our West Texas class action litigation lawyers at the Daspit Law Firm are experienced with these types of cases and are prepared to help you pursue this option. We can help determine if this is the right route for you, and guide you in the next steps.

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Common Types of Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits apply to situations where a group of individuals were harmed by the same party’s negligence.

Common examples of class action lawsuits include:

Product liability lawsuits: When defective products are released to the public, it is likely that many consumers will become injured because of these defects. Common defective products include SUVs and pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side effects. In a class action lawsuit, those individuals can file a claim against the product manufacturer.

Asbestos exposure: If multiple individuals suffered illness and disease due to asbestos exposure under the same circumstances, they may have grounds to file a class action lawsuit. These cases may involve suing a property owner whose building was insulated with asbestos, or the injured parties may sue an employer or company if they were exposed at work.

If you believe your situation warrants a class action lawsuit, contact the Daspit Law Firm today! We can provide experienced legal counsel in your next steps. Contact our West Texas personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

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