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Victoria Landlord Liability Lawyers

Holding Your Apartment Complex Responsible for On-Site Crimes

Crime can happen anywhere, but you have a reasonable expectation to be safe in your home. Unfortunately, with the growing demand for housing in Texas, landlords are renting apartments without vetting their tenants first. Without the proper background checks, you could end up living next to a criminal. If this lawbreaker harms you or a loved one in any intentional or criminal way, you might have a legal claim against your apartment building.

At The Daspit Law Firm, we can help you determine whether or not you have a case and walk you through the legal process. Call (888) 839-1724 today to get started.


Because crimes are often unpredictable, landlords do not have a responsibility to protect their tenants against these acts. If the crime is foreseeable, however, the law spells out a different story.

Foreseeability is the key component to a premises liability claim. While your landlord has no duty to protect you from crimes, they do have a duty to keep the complex reasonably safe from foreseeable harm. If you are assaulted by a criminal, for example, and their violent past is well-known, your landlord should have been able to anticipate the wrongdoing, and you may be able to hold them responsible for the results.

If your landlord violated their duty of care towards you as a tenant, contact our attorneys ASAP.

The Prior Crime Rule

The prior crime rule can help you determine foreseeability against your landlord. If you can show other incidents of crime occurred before yours, you can prove the crime against you was foreseeable. Prior crimes do not have to be similar to what happened to you, but they do have to exhibit a pattern.

While you can use the prior crime rule by pulling a crime report from the police station, proving foreseeability can be very difficult without the assistance of an attorney.

Don’t hesitate! Discuss your rights with our legal team.

Negligent Security

A security procedure is crucial to keeping your apartment complex reasonably safe. If your landlord neglected to implement security measures, they may be responsible for any crime committed against you. Nevertheless, you must be able to show both the lack of security and how that lack contributed to the crime.

The following situations are examples of negligent security:

  • Disconnected security cameras
  • Absence of an on-premise security guard
  • Malfunctioning security gate
  • Lack of proper lighting

If any of the situations above contributed to the crime committed against you, call us at (888) 839-1724 right away.

Negligent Hiring

If you are harmed by an employee of your complex, you may also have a case. Landlords must investigate any potential employee’s background before hiring them. If they fail to do so, they may be responsible for the crime against you and any injuries you incur.

Justice for Injured Tenants

You should never be the victim of a preventable crime, especially in or around your home. If your landlord violated your rights or failed their duty of care to you, you deserve justice in the form of financial compensation.

Our team at The Daspit Law Firm can help you pursue what you are rightfully entitled to.

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