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Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP)

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Auto accidents of any type can result in extensive costs and damages. Aside from profound emotional injuries and suffering, victims and families often incur financial burdens in the form of medical expenses, lost income, and other costs associated with treating and recovering from their injuries. Fortunately, personal injury claims allow victims to pursue a financial recovery of these damages from the party responsible for causing their accident, including negligent drivers who violate traffic laws, drive distracted or under the influence, or otherwise fail in their legal obligation to safely operate their vehicles.

Although personal injury claims are an important source of compensation after preventable auto wrecks, they are not always capable of securing the full and fair amount of compensation needed to make victims whole again. This is especially true in cases where victims suffer damages that exceed the auto insurance policy limits of the negligent drivers who injured them, such as in the case of catastrophic injuries. When insurance gaps create additional needs for victims, they may have the ability to pursue recoveries through other means, such as a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim.

Having represented numerous car accident victims throughout San Antonio and the state of Texas, The Daspit Law Firm has cultivated the tools, resources, and experience needed to aggressively fight for the compensation victims and their loved ones need. This includes our work handling personal injury claims against at-fault drivers, as well as assistance in matters involving recoveries made through Personal Injury Protection coverage, when applicable. Whatever a case may involve, our legal team always fights for the maximum compensation possible.

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What is Personal Injury Protection and How Can it Help?

Personal Injury Protection is a form of insurance coverage purchased in addition to auto liability insurance. Like uninsured motorist coverage (UM insurance), it can make the difference for victims when it matters most, especially in cases where there may be insurance policy gaps between the damages victims incur and the limits of a policy held by at-fault drivers. Because Texas insurance companies are required by law to offer PIP coverage to their customers, many motorists have this type of insurance. However, policyholders can opt out when their purchase auto insurance.

When it comes to car accidents, the personal injury claim process, and Personal Injury Protection coverage, there are few important things you should know:

  • No-Fault Insurance – PIP is a form of no-fault coverage, meaning it pays out victims injured as either drivers or passengers regardless of who was at fault for causing a wreck. This can be important in personal injury auto accident cases, which are based on proving fault and liability and can take time to resolve and secure a recovery. By filing a PIP claim with their own insurance provider, victims can secure payment while their personal injury case is pending and ease any of the immediate burdens they have faced in connection to their injuries, medical expenses, and even a portion of their lost income.
  • Make Up the Difference – Personal Injury Protection can be incredibly beneficial to victims who have purchased this coverage, especially in cases where they and / or their passengers were injured in wrecks caused by drivers with insurance policies that have limits below the full amount of damages they incurred. This is common in cases where victims suffer serious injuries, and rack up extensive medical debts. When there are gaps in coverage, PIP claims can provide additional compensation to make up the difference – depending on the amount of coverage purchased and the extent of damages a victim suffers.
  • Covered Damages – Although Personal Injury Protection does not cover all the damages recoverable in personal injury claims (including emotional injuries and pain and suffering), it can still cover important economic damages that commonly result from car wrecks. These include the costs of medical treatment, doctor’s appointments, and medical procedures, as well as costs associated with hospital services, nursing, and ambulance rides. In the case of wrongful death, it can also provide compensation for funeral and burial costs. PIP insurance also covers 80% of lost income sustained by victims who are forced to miss work as a result of their injuries.

For these reasons, it is clear why we encourage motorists in Texas to strongly consider purchasing Personal Injury Protection coverage, as well as coverage like uninsured motorist insurance, to provide added protection in unexpected events. Even with this coverage, however, it is important to remember that insurance companies don’t always handle claims fairly or in a timely matter. After all, they are corporations that want to protect their bottom lines and limit payouts to victims.

This being the case, victims should be intent on working with experienced lawyers who can help ensure their insurance providers handle PIP claims fairly, in a timely manner, and in accordance to terms of coverage – in addition to fighting aggressively in any personal injury claim their pursue against an at-fault driver.

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The Daspit Law Firm has earned a reputation as aggressive advocates for injured auto wreck victims, including those who need to pursue recoveries through their Personal Injury Protection coverage. If you or someone you love has been hurt in an auto wreck, our legal team is available 24/7 to review your case and discuss how we can leverage decades of experience and the insurance defense insight of Firm Founder John Daspit to help you seek the maximum compensation possible. Call (888) 217-8432 for a FREE consultation.

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