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Premises Liability Lawyers in San Antonio

Serving Tenants Throughout Texas

At Daspit Law Firm, we understand how important it is to feel safe in your own home. For people who live in apartments, this can be difficult to achieve if your complex is the center of criminal activity. As more people move to San Antonio from out of state, there is a greater need for apartment complexes to meet the housing demand. However, as the local population grows, crime often increases as well.

Landlord Responsibilities

When a landlord rents out an apparent to a new tenant, they are supposed to run a background check. But because many landlords neglect this important safety measure, tenants often live right next door to criminals without even knowing it. If you are assaulted or frequently witness crimes in your apartment complex, you might have a legal claim. Our lawyers are here to review the details of your case and explain all of your options under the law

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The Foreseeability Doctrine

Landlords and owners of apartment complexes have a legal duty to take measures that ensure the property is “reasonably safe from foreseeable harm.” So if you are assaulted and suffer a serious injury while you were walking around your apartment complex, and it was expected to happen because of previous criminal activity, then your landlord or the owner of the property can be held liable for your damages.

To determine foreseeability in a premises liability case, you will have to prove that other similar incidents occurred within a short period of time in the apartment complex. It is important to note that previous crimes don’t have to be similar to your experience for you to establish foreseeability, you just need to show that there was a clear pattern of crimes taking place in your apartment complex. This is known as the “prior crime rule.”

Proving foreseeability in premises liability cases can be a challenging task, which is why you should consult with an experienced legal professional to build a comprehensive legal strategy.

Lack of Security

Another legal strategy in these types of cases is to prove the property owner or landlord neglected security procedures and failed to keep a safe environment for tenants. This requires you to prove that the crime committed against you was the result of weakness in security. You can also file a claim against a landlord or property owner if one of their employees commits a crime in the apartment complex.

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If you live in an apartment complex that frequently sees criminal activity, you should immediately get in touch with our lawyers at Daspit Law Firm to review your case. We are committed to serving clients throughout San Antonio, and we are prepared to use our skills and years of experience to fight for your rights.

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