Beaumont, TX Personal Injury Attorney

Benefits of Having a Former Defense Lawyer on Your Side

The aftermath of an accident, especially one that caused injury to one or more victims, can be difficult to address without an experienced legal professional on your side. Therefore, we encourage you to work with a proven Beaumont personal injury lawyer from The Daspit Law Firm if the extent of your injuries and / or property damage calls for legal recompense.

Led by a former defense attorney, our professional team is familiar with more than just the inner workings of personal injury law; we are also highly in tune to the thought processes, defense tactics, and legal methods that the other side might use as they try to lower the payout amount that you are rightfully due. Accordingly, we can help you seek compensation no matter the type of situation in which you have found yourself.

Beaumont: A City Rich With Opportunity

As of 2010, the city of Beaumont was home to 118,296 residents, making it the 24th most populous city in Texas. Beaumont is the county seat of Jefferson County, and together with Port Arthur and Orange, it forms the Golden Triangle which is known as a major industrial area on the Gulf Coast. Some of the biggest businesses in the area include:

  • ExxonMobil (Beaumont Refinery)
  • Chevron
  • Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital
  • CB&I Matrix Engineering
  • ENGlobal Corporation
  • Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital
  • Port of Beaumont

As are many of the most industrious and successful cities in Texas, Beaumont is recognized for its ties to the oil / petroleum industry. Ports in Beaumont are the source of many jobs and much of the city's wealth. Unfortunately, these job sites are also the locations of far too many injurious accidents, most of which could have been easily avoided if the proper safety precautions had been taken.

If you were harmed in an oil field explosion, a plant and refinery accident, or any other type of workplace injury, you can contact The Daspit Law Firm for help from a Beaumont personal injury attorney. We have the knowledge and professional resources you need in order to successfully file a claim or lawsuit for your pain and suffering.

Our Areas of Practice

Whether you were involved in a serious car accident or a catastrophic construction accident, our legal team is here to help you recover the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Rich with experience, we know what it takes to successfully pursue a case involving maritime and offshore injuries, medical / pharmaceutical injuries, and so much more. As such, you can feel confident in the legal services that are provided to you under our care, whether your case involves an industrial accident, a premises liability claim, or something else. Other areas of practice that we pursue at the firm include:

Work with The Daspit Law Firm!

When you work with a Beaumont personal injury lawyer from The Daspit Law firm, you will be working with an experienced legal professional whose top priority is the success of your case. With office locations in both Houston and Beaumont, we are easily accessible to our clients, and we offer 24/7 support to the clients that we represent. Night and weekend appointments are available as well.

The Daspit Law Firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means that we won't ask you to pay any upfront expenses for your legal services. Rather, we will cover the costs of your case and we will only ask for recompense once we have successfully secured a favorable verdict or settlement on your behalf. If, for some reason, we are unable to obtain a positive outcome to your case, you won't owe us a penny!

Contact a Beaumont personal injury attorney from our firm if you're looking for supportive and effective legal guidance after an injury accident in Texas.