Types of Industrial Injuries in Houston

What types of injuries are most common in industrial accidents?

People who work in factories, oil refineries, chemical plants and other industrial settings are exposed every day to the risk of serious injury or death. Heavy equipment and machinery, massive amounts of voltage passing through electrical lines, toxic chemicals in liquid and gaseous form, and large loads of material are only a few examples of the dangers that face industrial workers on a daily basis. The injuries that industrial workers may suffer in an on-the-job accident can be devastating and life changing, and in many cases result in a permanent partial or total disability. Nearly any type of injury can occur in an industrial accident but certain types are more common than others The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the most widespread type of occupational injury by far is sprains and strains, which account for 40.8 percent of all injuries that force the worker to take time off. Other common types of injuries include:

  • Bruises - 8.7 percent
  • Cuts / lacerations - 8.2 percent
  • Bone fractures - 7.8 percent
  • Heat burns - 1.4 percent

The fact that the top five types of injuries account for only 66.9 percent of all injuries in the industrial workplace serves as an indicator of the wide variety of catastrophic injuries possible in this type of accident. In addition to the above, industrial accidents may cause injuries such as:

  • Crushed or severed extremities or limbs
  • Lung damage caused by inhalation of smoke or toxic vapors
  • Crushed or punctured internal organs
  • Hearing loss or blindness
  • Disfigurement
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury

Due to the extreme violence of many industrial accidents, the resulting injuries very often leave the accident victim with a permanent impairment that makes it difficult or even impossible to work. Emergency treatment and surgery for such injuries can result in medical bills ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars or more and may be followed by extensive rehabilitative care to make it possible for the worker to achieve the greatest possible recovery.

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