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Who Is Liable If I Was Injured in an Airbnb?

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The popularity of home-share rentals like Airbnb has increased drastically over the last few years. However, since it still is a fairly new method of vacation rentals, many people don’t know who would be liable if they get injured while staying at an Airbnb. Our Texas premises liability attorneys break it down for you below.

Who Is Liable in an Airbnb Accident?

When people suffer an injury at a hotel, they have the benefit of knowing that they can hold the corporation responsible for their safety. However, liability is less clear when injuries are sustained at an Airbnb. This is because Airbnb rentals are not owned or managed by Airbnb, but by private owners. For such reasons, most often, the homeowners are responsible for injuries sustained at their property, rather than Airbnb.

Past Airbnb Accidents & Cases

In 2015, an Airbnb guest died after he went to sit down on a rope swing suspended from a tree in the property. The trunk that the swing was attached to broke and fell on the guest who suffered severe brain damage and died.

That same year, another Airbnb guest fell ten feet as a result of a stairway collapse inside his rental. As a result, the guest suffered serious injuries. After the guest filed a claim against Airbnb and the property owner, the court found that Airbnb was not liable for the injuries, since Airbnb is only an intermediary between the apartment owners and the customers. However, not every case will have the same outcome. If you were injured in an Airbnb rental, you need an experienced attorney to analyze your case.

Premises Liability Laws

The premises liability law is a standard of safety that property owners— including Airbnb rental owners—must adhere to. The law is in place to protect guests from safety hazards that any reasonable owner would take action to mitigate. When Airbnb hosts fail to keep their property safe for guests, they can be held liable for their negligence.

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