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Top Five Causes of Boat Accidents

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While boating can be an enjoyable experience for both owners and operators, there are various factors that can make boat accidents occur. From negligent boat operators to other visitors who act carelessly on the water, boat accidents that result in serious injuries and property damage are more common than you might think.

At Daspit Law Firm, we represent injured boaters throughout Texas, including victims of capsized boats, sunken vessels, personal watercraft injuries, and other accidents involving people on or around boats. If a boating accident has injured you or someone you love, we can help. Below, our experienced attorneys discuss the top five causes of boat accidents.

#1: Operating the Boat While Under the Influence

Just like motor vehicle crashes, alcohol and drugs can play a substantial role in boating accidents. If a boat captain consumes illicit substances while operating a watercraft, their driving abilities can become significantly impaired and lead to a devastating boating accident that results in catastrophic injury or death.

#2: Distracted Captain or Operator

Boat captains and operators who get distracted are a frequent cause of boat accidents. The individual who takes charge of driving and navigating a watercraft safely is responsible for keeping track of factors like wind patterns and weather conditions. They are also supposed to make sure all maritime laws are adhered to by those on the vessel. When a boat operator is distracted, they can miss hazards in the water, mistakenly make sudden and dangerous turns, and/or drive at inappropriate speeds. All of these actions resulting form distractions can lead to fatal boating accidents.

#3: Excessive Speed

When boat captains and operators drive at a safe speed, they have a better chance of seeing and properly reacting to obstacles and sudden dangers they might encounter in a large body of water. Just like when you drive around town, most waterways have speed limits. Exceeding the speed limit can result in devastating collisions with boats and other hazards.

#4: Equipment Malfunction

Fatal boating accidents are often the result of faulty steering mechanisms, defective motors, and other boating machinery. It is important to properly maintain and inspect boating equipment and machinery before the boat is taken out onto the water. A malfunction can cause the boat to sink, capsize, or even lead to an onboard fire.

#5: Boat Operator Inexperience

Unfortunately, inexperienced boat drivers often underestimate just how complex the task of operating and steering a boat can be. Inexperienced boat drivers are also unaware of navigation rules, maritime laws, and how to properly handle boating emergencies. If a boat operator lacks a basic understanding of these crucial factors, then they can end up causing a fatal boating accident.

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