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Should I Sue the Trucking Company or the Driver After an Accident?

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If you were injured in a truck accident, you might be wondering who should be held responsible for your injuries – the driver or the trucking company? Our Texas truck accident attorneys explain what you need to know to determine who should be liable after a truck accident.

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Is the Truck Driver or Trucking Company Liable?

The relationship between trucking companies and their drivers is complicated--making it difficult to determine whether you should hold only one or both of them liable after an accident. To best determine who should be liable after an accident, you should determine if there was a breach of duty. A breach is when a person or a party acts carelessly or negligently.

For example, assume Jan was injured in a truck accident because the driver was under the influence of alcohol and ran a red light. In this situation, you might assume that the truck driver would be responsible for Jan’s injuries because he breached his duty to follow traffic laws. Although this is true, Jan’s attorney later discovered that the truck driver’s employer hired the driver even though he had a DUI and reckless driving record. In this situation, the truck driver and the trucking company would both be liable for Jan’s injuries.

How Do I Determine Who Is Liable?

The best way to determine who should be held liable for your injuries is to contact an experienced attorney. Our team at Daspit Law Firm can analyze and investigate your case to determine which parties should compensate you for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. We understand that the time after an accident is difficult. Let our team guide you through the process from start to finish.

Contact our Texas truck accident attorneys today at (888) 273-1045 to schedule a consultation!

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