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Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal in Texas?

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In short, no. Motorcycle lane splitting is not legal in Texas.

In some states, motorcyclists can navigate around traffic using a driving technique called lane splitting. Lane splitting is when motorcyclists drive in gaps between passenger vehicles during heavy traffic. If you are a motorcyclist in Texas, you might be wondering if lane splitting is legal in this state.

Where is Lane Splitting Legal?

Although many motorcyclists use the lane-splitting technique when driving, it is only legal in the state of California. In Texas, it is illegal for motorcyclists to drive in between gaps of passenger vehicles since there is no law that has officially made it legal.

Law officials find lane-splitting unsafe since motorcycles need to go through large vehicles while lane splitting – making it easier to be involved in a motorcycle accident.

Penalties for Lane Splitting in Texas

Motorcyclists can face a hefty $175 fine if seen lane splitting on Texas roads. Texas Transportation Code § 545.060 states that all road users must remain within a single lane, which essentially makes lane splitting illegal.

Dangers of Lane Splitting

Lane splitting comes with serious hazards and risks. If a car changes lanes in front of a lane-splitting motorcycle without warning, a serious accident may occur. A motorcyclist’s lack of protection could cause severe injuries.

If you were injured in an accident while lane splitting, the driver at fault could still be liable for your injuries. For example, if you were lane splitting, although it is illegal, and a car abruptly changes lanes and collides with you, they would still be held liable for your injuries--even if you were lane splitting illegally. You will still face penalties for breaking the law, but the other driver would also hold liability for acting negligently and switching lanes without checking their surroundings.

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