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How to Properly Take Notes After an Accident or Injury?

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If you have been involved in any type of accident that results in serious injury, then you need to take certain steps to protect your right to fair compensation for your damages. One of the first things you should do following an accident or injury is to document everything you can remember while the details are still fresh in your head. Writing down detailed notes after an accident can substantially increase the strength and value of your injury claim when you are negotiating with insurers or if you need to file a personal injury lawsuit. From the specifics of your injury after a doctor’s diagnosis to the effects the injuries you sustained have on your daily life, numerous details aren’t in a police accident report that might end up proving the other party’s negligence and liability.

What to Include in Your Notes

When it comes to successfully negotiating a personal injury claim, you need to keep organized, written or typed, documentation that includes important facts and statements about how your injuries impact your life. When you think back to the accident to write your notes, think about what you saw, what you heard, what was said, and what you were doing at the time of the accident and during the aftermath.

You should also write down or type what you felt during the accident and how you feel during your treatments and the recovery process. If you felt nervous, distraught, intimidated, depressed, or any other emotional side-effects from the accident and your injuries, write it down in your notes.

Events Before & During the Accident

Take note of the following things you remember leading up to and after the accident:

  • The date and time of day
  • Weather conditions
  • If you were at a stop sign, traffic signal, or traveling down the road
  • If you noticed the other driver was weaving, speeding, or didn’t have their headlights on
  • The direction of impact
  • Whether the air-bags deployed
  • If there were damaged road signs, guardrails, or other solid objects involved in the accident
  • Why there wasn’t enough time to react and what you did to avoid the accident

People & Vehicles Involved in the Accident

You should also take notes on the cars and people involved in the accident Write down the driver's contact information, license number, license plate number, the make, model, and color of the vehicles, and insurance company name and phone number.

Write down what you observed from other people involved in the accident, including:

  • If there were noticeable injuries
  • If other passengers or driver’s appeared to lack injuries
  • Comments made by the driver or passengers
  • If there is the scent of alcohol or marijuana on the other driver or passengers in the vehicle
  • Whether the driver or passengers tried to get rid of any items or fled the scene of the accident
  • Whether the driver and a passenger traded seats after the accident

Emergency Responders & Witnesses at the Scene of the Accident

Insurance companies will look for any reason to deny your claim, which is why it is crucial to seek medical attention either at the scene of the accident or immediately after at a hospital or doctor’s office.

If there are witnesses who observed the accident or emergency responders who assisted following the crash, take the following notes:

  • Their names and contact information if you were able to ask for it
  • The fire or rescue company that showed up at the scene
  • The names of the police officers, their badge numbers, and the reference number of the police accident report

Physical Injuries Sustained in the Accident

Insurance companies will only pay for “reasonable” medical expenses, so you need to document the medical treatment you receive after the accident, like chiropractic, dental, physical therapy, and other types of medical treatment that are necessary for your recovery. Write down the dates you were hospitalized and had to travel to medical or therapy appointments.

Keep track of the following for every medical provider who cared for you:

  • If you were transported via ambulance and the costs involved
  • What you told the medical provider about the accident and your injury symptoms
  • What the medical  provider said to you about your current condition and if you need future treatment
  • What you can expect in the future regarding your injury and recovery timeline

You should also keep notes for any of the following assistive medical devices:

  • Wheelchair, shower chair, medical boot, sling, cane, and crutches
  • Accommodations added to your home, such as a downstairs hospital bed or bathroom safety rails
  • Any services you had to hire for your injury to assist you with things like childcare, lawn care, or housekeeping

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