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Common Types of Industrial Accidents

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Industrial accidents are some of the most devastating incidents and make up a major portion of workplace injuries that occur each year. Below, we discuss the common types of industrial accidents that result in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

#1: Chemical Burns & Exposures

Chemical burns and exposures generally occur in scientific industries and production factories. Improper storage, transportation, and disposal of dangerous chemicals can result in burns and exposure incidents. Fires and explosions are more common at factories where flammable materials are used. That is why safe disposal and use of chemicals are crucial to prevent workplace accidents due to exposure or leakage.

#2: Slips & Falls

Floors in factories need to be kept clean and dry in order to prevent slip and fall injuries. Factories where oils and other liquids are frequently used in the manufacturing process need to have safety protocols in place for when spills occur. Slips and falls can result in devastating spinal injuries, head injuries, and broken bones, all of which can keep a person out of work for an extended time.

#3: Falling Objects

Falling objects in factories can occur on their own or from being dropped by someone working on an upper level of a building. Another common cause of falling objects in factories is when items are improperly positioned or restrained. Employers should train employees on placement and proper techniques for transporting items. Companies can be held liable for damages or injuries resulting from heavy objects that were dangerously stored or transported.

#4: Improper lifting/Overexertion

Improper lifting techniques due to lack of proper training can cause back, spine, and limb injuries over time. Factory work demands a high level of strength and stamina because employees must remain on their feet and lift heavy objects. This can take their toll on the worker’s body if they aren’t provided with the right supportive equipment or training to avoid serious injury. Employees in factories also have to work near hot machinery, which can result in heat exhaustion if they aren’t given regular breaks to rest and rehydrate.

#5: Machine-Related Injuries

Workers who must operate industrial machines every day are at risk of sustaining a number of different catastrophic injuries that can be inflicted by automatic gears and conveyor belts.  When a worker gets entangled in industrial equipment, it can result in dislocations, fractures, or even limb amputations. Employers are also required to post warning signs around heavy equipment so workers know the particular risks involved when using the machine.

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