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5 Common Mistakes New Drivers Make

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Our lawyers at Daspit Law Firm understand that getting your driver’s license is exciting. However, our seasoned personal injury lawyers also have firsthand experience helping clients navigate the aftermath of serious accidents caused by young and reckless new drivers. Below, we discuss five common mistakes new drivers commit that can lead to deadly accidents.

Mistake #1: Speeding Recklessly

Speeding is the most common mistake new drivers make. New drivers tend to speed because they don’t quite yet have a feel for how fast they are going. Some new drivers also assume they are still within the speed limit without glancing at the speedometer, while others let the excitement of being behind the wheel cloud their better judgment. It’s also more difficult for new drivers to figure out how long it can take to stop if the vehicle ahead suddenly comes to a halt.

Mistake #2: Not Paying Attention to the Road

Whether it’s eating food or talking to a passenger in the vehicle, performing other activities that take your eyes off the road while driving is a recipe for disaster. New drivers need to be extra-cautious when they are behind the wheel and should pay close to their surroundings. This especially true when new drivers make turns, change lanes, and approach intersections without first checking their blind spots for other vehicles and pedestrians.

Mistake #3: Tailgating

When a driver follows another vehicle too closely, they are tailgating. This can be dangerous if the lead vehicle comes to a sudden stop. New drivers need to learn how to keep a respectable distance between their vehicle and other cars on the road. The general rule of thumb most drovers use is to leave a car’s length between one vehicle and another. If you can’t keep a car-length apart, then ease up on the gas and give as much distance as possible between you and the other vehicle.

Mistake #4: Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Although wearing a seat belt might feel restrictive, it’s there for a reason. Not only is wearing a seat belt while driving the law but failing to do so can result in severe injuries or death in the event of a serious car accident. The fact is, wearing your seat belt can save your life, so make sure you always properly buckle up.

Mistake #5: Texting and Driving

Perhaps the deadliest mistake new drivers make is overestimating their ability to text and drive at the same time. A quick glance at your phone can have deadly consequences. Did you know that If you are traveling at 55mph, it only takes five seconds to cover the entire length of a professional football field? Now imagine what can happen to pedestrians and other vehicles that cross your path in the amount of time it takes to send a text message. When you get behind the wheel, focus on driving, not multi-tasking.

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