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Where Are Bicyclists Supposed to Ride?

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When motor vehicle accidents involve a bicyclist, the injuries are most often worse for the rider, as they don’t have a seat belt, airbag, or the outer exterior of a car to prevent them from falling or flying off their bicycle. As a result, many drivers are weary of being around bicyclists, and some become annoyed when they see one biking in a car lane. Where exactly are bicyclists allowed to ride?

Where to Ride Legally in Texas

Generally, Texas law requires bicyclists riding on the road to ride as close to the right curb or edge of road as possible.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as:

  • When the rider is passing another vehicle driving in the same direction
  • There’s a roadway condition that prevents the rider from riding safely next to the curb
  • The rider is preparing to turn left at an intersection, or onto a driveway
  • The rider is in an outside lane that doesn’t have a designated bike lane adjacent to them
  • The lane is too narrow for the rider and car to ride safely side by side

Thus, while bicyclists should mainly stay to the right side of the road or within the designated bike lanes, there are some instances in which it may be necessary for bicyclists to be in a car lane.

It’s important to pay attention to the laws of your city, which may prohibit bicycling in certain areas. For example, in Houston, it’s illegal to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk within a business district.

Bicyclist Safety Tips

Even if you as a bicyclist follow the law and do everything correctly, other drivers may still fail to see you, and you can still be hit even while riding in the bike lane.

Below are some safety tips you can adopt to prevent more serious injuries or accidents:

  • Wear a helmet: Texas doesn’t have a statewide helmet law, but it’s still important you protect your head from suffering trauma that can produce brain injuries.
  • Use your hand signals: Communicate your intention to turn, stop, or change lanes to other drivers so they don’t cut you off or hit you.
  • Be bright: Wear reflective clothing and lights while riding at night so drivers can see you.
  • Go with the flow of traffic

Protecting the Rights of Bicyclists

Bicycle injuries are often serious and sometimes, deadly. Even if you’re able to recover from your physical injuries, your accident may leave you with emotional scarring, and your medical treatment may create financial setbacks due to high costs. It’s already challenging enough to focus on healing alone – you don’t need to be worrying about paying your bills, too. Daspit Law Firm is committed to protecting your rights to compensation by holding negligent parties responsible for their actions. We understand how stressful this financial burden may be, which is why we offer free consultations and work on contingency fees – you don’t pay us if we don’t win.

Call Daspit Law Firm today if you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident at (888) 273-1045, or contact us online. Bicycle accidents can produce some of the most catastrophic injuries due to the fact that riders have little protection – call us for effective representation immediately.

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