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My Memory of the Accident is Fuzzy. Does this Impact My Case?

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It’s easy to understand how a traumatic situation can impact your memory, especially in something as devastating as a car accident. Unfortunately, a fuzzy memory can have a significant — and sometimes negative — impact on your ability to pursue compensation.

Insurance companies may ask you to provide them with a recorded statement to match the circumstances of the accident with your initial report. The problem is, a fuzzy memory can turn this situation against you.

Why is a Recorded Statement Necessary?

The aftermath of a car accident can be complicated. The insurance company is focusing its efforts on their profits, putting your needs to the bottom of their priority list. As such, they want a recorded statement that helps to show discrepancies from your original report to the statement you provide weeks after the crash.

You may think that the insurance company is trying to help you; however, they’re trying to minimize the amount they must pay you in compensation. If your statement doesn’t match your initial report, the insurance company may use this as a way to deny your claim.

How Can I Protect Myself from the Insurance Company?

You should know about your rights following a car crash. The main one in this situation is that you have the right to have a lawyer with you to answer any questions the insurance company may have. You can refuse the recorded statement and request that your lawyer help you during this time.

An attorney can investigate your situation and prepare for the recorded statement accordingly. This guidance means helping you similarly report the accident matching your initial statement, so all facts are accurate and match. Having strong legal counsel can protect you from the many unscrupulous tactics the insurance companies try to use against you.

At Daspit Law, we work hard to guide you through the challenging legal obstacles that may lie ahead. Our Houston car accident lawyers go above and beyond when your rights depend on us, and we’re focused on obtaining the outcome you need to move forward effectively.

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