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My Brakes Failed. Can I File a Lawsuit Against a Manufacturer?

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An accident occurs, and it’s easy for you to point fingers and blame the other driver. What happens, though, if you come to discover that neither you nor the other driver is truly at fault in the crash?

A crash involving a product defect is a situation that happens far more often than you may think. A third-party is negligent and plays a role in causing your crash to occur. One situation in which this may arise is a crash resulting from brake failure. You are approaching traffic, you go to hit your brakes, and nothing happens. Instead, you collide with the car in front of you, and you’re unsure of what comes next.

Proving Manufacturer Negligence

Manufacturer negligence comes in three main forms: manufacturing error, design defect, and failure to warn. In car accidents, the first two problems are more prominent. A manufacturing error involving brakes can cause them to slip, resulting in them failing and you crashing.

Similarly, if your vehicle receives brakes that have a design defect, they may not fit properly or work well enough to stop the weight of your vehicle. They may even crack or break when you need them to work, causing failure.

If you can show that the manufacturer knew of the problem, you may be able to hold them accountable for the role they play in causing the crash.

Another Driver’s Negligence

The other driver may be liable if they knew there was a problem with their brakes. Similarly, if they fail to maintain their vehicle properly, they are responsible for any crash they cause. You must recognize where problems may arise in your claim, and working with a lawyer can help you build substantial evidence to prove negligence.

When it comes to protecting your rights, Daspit Law leaves no stone unturned. We’ll investigate the entire situation to understand who is negligent and how you can pursue compensation. Our Houston car accident attorneys are ready to help you through the most complex matters from start to finish.

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