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4 Trucking Regulations Drivers Violate

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Federal motor carrier regulations are set in place to ensure the safety of large trucks and passenger drivers. Unfortunately, there are cases when truck drivers or trucking companies fail to follow these regulations—resulting in serious and catastrophic injuries. When truck drivers or truck companies fail to follow safety regulations that result in accidents, they should be held liable for their negligence. Our Houston truck accident attorneys explain the four top trucking regulations that many drivers violate.

#1: Ignore Hours-Of-Service Regulations

Commercial truck drivers are limited to the number of hours they can drive in a day and even in a week. These limits are called hours-of-service regulations. This regulation was designed to keep drowsy drivers off the road. In most states, a truck driver can drive a maximum of 14 hours a day, including driving and non-driving activities. The driver is also required to have ten continuous hours off before they can drive again. Truck drivers who fail to follow these regulations become a serious hazard on the road.

#2: Maintenance & Repair Regulations

Federal regulations require trucking companies to provide a minimum inspection of commercial motor carries. However, many trucking companies skip routine safety inspections and fail to train drivers on how to identify problems before they cause a collision. Faulty breaks or engine defects can be the cause of a truck accident if the trucking company doesn’t detect the issue on time.

#3: Weight Limit Regulations

Another common regulation that truck drivers and trucking companies often ignore are weight limits. Generally, trucks on the interstates can have a maximum of 80,000 pounds in their vehicle. However, trucks with two or more trailers often exceed that. Weight limits are meant to protect the roads and other drivers. The heavier a truck is, the more impact it can have on another vehicle during a collision.

#4: Alcohol & Drug Regulations

Truck drivers, like all other drivers, have strict regulations regarding driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Commercial drivers aren’t allowed to operate a vehicle with a BAC of 0.04 percent or higher. Truck drivers also can’t operate a vehicle within four hours of consuming alcohol.

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