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Thanksgiving Travel Tips: What to Keep in Your Car

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With thousands of people traveling for the holidays, you must recognize how to stay safe. There are countless dangers with increased traffic and the possibility of people drinking. The potential of an accident occurring increases.

For most drivers, preparation is vital. Keeping certain items in your car can be very helpful should you encounter a severe collision. Here are some of the things you should have in your possession in case of an accident.

First Aid Kit

In the event you suffer an injury in the wreck, you want to have a first aid kit that can help you cover your cuts and treat your wounds. Your first aid kit can also be helpful if someone else at the scene suffers an injury, such as your passenger.

Road Flares

Road traffic presents another set of dangers following an accident. Most people are quick to get out of their vehicles after an accident without checking for oncoming vehicles. Because not all drivers stop in the event of a crash, you must be aware of others seeing you. Flares can help mark a boundary around the vehicles to prevent others from getting too close to you.

Proof of Insurance

If you’ve ever looked at your insurance card, you surely know that you should have this on you whenever you are driving. Proof of insurance protects you in the event of a crash. You’ll be exchanging insurance information with the responsible driver. If you don’t have your card, it looks bad and is something that the insurance company may use against you.

Notepad and Pen

You need something to gather the other driver’s information. Use your pen and paper to mark down the other driver’s name, contact information, insurance policy, and license plate number. This information will prove to be crucial in your claim.

Any accident can be shocking. It’s easy to forget the things you need, but if you stay prepared, you’ll be good to go. Our Houston car accident attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm are here to help you whenever you need to file a claim seeking compensation following a negligence-related crash.

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