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Most Dangerous Hazards: Teen Drivers

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Not all teen drivers are bad and dangerous on the road. However, they are less experienced than many other drivers and this puts people at risk of suffering potential dangers.

The summer and winter months, when teens are not in school are also peak times for potential car accidents as there are more of the inexperienced drivers on the road. As such, you should recognize your rights and what most often causes accidents involving teen drivers.

Distractions Involving Passengers

Teens are often driving with their friends in the vehicle which is fine as long as they’re keeping their attention on the road. Unfortunately, having a lot of passengers in the vehicle while you’re already inexperienced and cause a big distraction and make it more difficult to truly focus.

Looking back at passengers in the back seat, turning your attention to the passenger next to you, and anything else that diverts your attention and eyes off the road is cause for concern as it can result in a serious accident.

Loud Music and Cell Phones

Teens are also more prone to listen to music loudly in the vehicle. When they do this, they may be unable to hear other vehicles around them, including sirens from emergency vehicles. This may prevent them from stopping when they are supposed to, and a collision can occur.

Cell phone use is also a prominent problem when it comes to teen drivers as they’re often doing things they shouldn’t such as texting or scrolling through social media. This is enough to put others in significant danger.

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