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How Does the Summer Season Create More Traffic On the Roads?

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You may feel as though you’re a safe driver. You do everything you can to be defensive while driving and watch for the actions of others. Unfortunately, when there are so many cars on the road, it can become nearly impossible to prevent an accident from occurring no matter how safe you are.

In the summer, the increase in traffic can be one potential sign of danger regardless of your defensive driving tactics. It is important to understand why traffic is so high during the summer and what you can do to avoid the hazards that come along with it.

Bicycles On the Road

The nicer the weather is, the more people want to take advantage of it. This gives people the perfect opportunity to ditch their vehicles and ride bicycles to their destinations. While this freedom is something to be appreciated, bicycles often use the roadways and create a bit of a traffic jam behind them.

Impatient drivers may act in a manner that takes nobody else’s safety in consideration, putting the bicyclist and other motorists at serious risk of an accident.

Summer Break

High schools, universities, and colleges have a bit of a summer break, putting more inexperienced drivers on the road. Unfortunately, this also means increased traffic and increased potential for accidents to occur.

Other Things to Look Out For

There are a few other things of which you want to be aware, including large vehicles—trailers, trucks pulling trailers, and more—going on vacation and tourists on roads that they’re not familiar with in the city.

All of the above not only creates more traffic, it creates an unnecessary risk of serious injuries in accidents. Unfortunately, this happens far too often and leaves individuals dealing with the aftermath, including long-term medical care, expenses associated with the losses, and more.

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