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FAQ: What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

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Insurance companies exist to protect those who are injured or suffer property damage as a result of a serious collision. However, some insurance companies have a different priority: profit. In an industry where they pay out claims quite often, the only way to protect their profit is to try and find any way they can to pay out as little as possible when someone files a claim.

When the insurance company violates the policy agreement, though, this is considered acting in bad faith—something we may be able to take legal action against. Here are some of the various ways an insurance company can act in bad faith after a car accident claim:

  • Unreasonable delays in payment: The insurance company may try and find ways to prolong investigations into a claim. They hope that the claimant will get tired of the process and give up on the claim.
  • Failure to conduct proper investigations: If the insurance company doesn’t properly investigate the accident to determine fault, damages, and more, they are acting in bad faith because the policyholder may be missing out on compensation they need.
  • Deceptive practices: This occurs when an insurer denies the existence of coverage, fails to provide information regarding deadlines, and more.
  • Offering less than adequate settlement: The insurance company may offer much less than needed to help you cover the expenses associated with the injuries and/or property damage you experienced.

When an insurance company fails to help out a policyholder and practices in bad faith, you have specific rights to take legal action against the insurance company for the compensation you deserve. Our Houston car accident lawyers are here to help.

With the Daspit Law Firm on your side, you can feel peace of mind knowing that legal professionals are working with your best interests in mind. We work hard to guide you through the process and pursue the most favorable outcome you deserve.

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