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Accidents Caused by Rain: Road Dangers that May Exist

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While you may know that rain can cause problems because of the visibility issues they cause, many dangers still exist because of the torrential downpour. If you can recognize the various road dangers, you can learn how to stay safe.

However, you may drive as safe as possible, but you can’t predict how others will operate. Other drivers can succumb to the road dangers in the rain, and as a result, many people can suffer injuries when road problems turn to accidents.

Oil Buildup

In Houston, months go by without a drop of rain. Throughout this time, many vehicles travel on the roads. It’s easy to see how oil can buildup on the cement and accumulate over many months. When the rain comes, these oil spots come to the surface.

As the oil surfaces, it creates a slick and highly dangerous surface. These spots make it easy for drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Drivers must recognize how to regain control of their vehicles, or they run the risk of causing significant damages in a collision.

More Potholes

Potholes are some of the biggest dangers on the road. When it rains, tires press the water into the cement, causing significant cracking overtime. As the pavement and the ground under the road soften and weakens, it creates more potholes.

Potholes can significantly damage a vehicle or cause a tire blowout. Whenever a vehicle experiences a blowout, it can cause a severe crash if drivers lose control.

Inclement weather is not an excuse for negligence. People must drive safe for conditions, even if it means going slower than the speed limit. Safe driving techniques can help drivers recognize road dangers before you encounter them.

Our Houston car accident lawyers recognize how drivers are negligent when they are unaware of how to drive in inclement weather. Daspit Law Firm works to protect the rights of all injured parties when their harm is the result of someone else’s reckless actions.

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