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Thanksgiving Travel: Things to Watch Out for On the Road

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Millions of families head out on journeys to visit loved ones for Thanksgiving. This holiday is in fact one of the busiest in terms of traffic.

When you plan on being one of the millions traveling before or on this holiday, you might want to prepare now for your journey. You can use these tips to know what to watch out for on the road during your Thanksgiving travels.

Know the Route

The summer season is typically when roadwork is started and completed. However, that is not to say that some of your journey will not involve encountering construction zones.

These zones are challenging enough to navigate even during light traffic. However, holiday traffic can make them more congested and difficult to get through. There is also a greater chance of being involved in a car accident because of congested construction zones.

You can plan ahead now by using mobile apps and state websites to find out what parts of your routes might have construction or roadwork in them. Based on your findings, you can decide whether you want to leave early in order to beat the traffic expected to be on the road during Thanksgiving.

Watch the Weather

You should also use mobile apps or listen to the radio while traveling to stay informed about the weather. Thanksgiving in many parts of the country is cold and stormy. You do not want to risk traveling on icy and snowy roads if you can help it.

To avoid being in a serious car accident, you should keep an eye on the forecast several days in advance of your travels. You should also adjust your schedule if necessary to avoid stormy weather that can lead to you being in a car accident during Thanksgiving.

Drive Defensively

Finally, you want to drive defensively when traveling during Thanksgiving. The roadways will be busy and hectic. You should stay alert and expect the unexpected to avoid being in a car wreck during your Thanksgiving journey.

These tips can help you avoid serious troubles on the roadways during Thanksgiving. However, if you are in a serious car accident, you should hire an experienced attorney to help you pursue justice and compensation in court.

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