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Series of Gas Plant Explosions in Bellville Prompt Evacuations

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A series of explosions at a gas plant in Bellville rocked the local community and prompted evacuations early Tuesday morning. According to authorities, evacuation orders were expanded to a five-mile radius surrounding the Western International Gas plant on Highway 159 in Austin County due to concerns over additional explosions.

Initial reports indicate that several explosions took place in the early morning hours on Tuesday July 17, sparking a large fire and a closure of the highway due to smoke.

While no serious injuries have yet been reported, authorities are still working with Western International and local officials to account for the safety of all workers and nearby residents, many of whom reported hearing a series of loud blasts which continued throughout the morning.

As emergency personnel gain control of the fire and neutralize any threats, investigators will be tasked with determining what led to the series of explosions, and whether they could have been prevented. As stated on its website, Western International is a wholesale supplier of acetylene, a flammable fuel used for welding and other industrial applications.

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At The Daspit Law Firm, our legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of victims throughout Texas and beyond, including those harmed in all types of industrial accidents. Over the years, we’ve blogged on many large-scale explosions, fires, and other incidents at industrial facilities across the state – the frequency of which illustrates the profound dangers industrial plants pose to workers and nearby residents.

While investigations unfold, we intend to closely follow updates on what caused the explosions. As always, we are available to help any victims and families affected by Tuesday morning’s events in Belleville or any other incidents involving industrial accidents, plant and refinery accidents, and explosions. To speak with a member of our team during a free consultation, contact us today.

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