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Beach Injuries: What Are My Rights as a Victim?

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Texas may not be as well known for its beaches as states like California or Florida, but the Lone Star State does have a number of beaches popular among local residents and tourists alike – especially along the Gulf Coast, in various State Parks, and in communities such as Galveston, South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, and many others. Unfortunately, that also means Texas beach-goers face risks of suffering all types of preventable injuries – especially when others are negligent.

At The Daspit Law Firm, our Texas personal injury victims have devoted themselves to protecting the rights of injured victims and families throughout the state. With multiple office locations across Texas, including those in and near communities with popular beaches, our firm is prepared to help victims who suffer preventable beach injuries explore their options when it comes to recovering financial compensation for their damages, and protect their rights.

Common Beach Injuries & Safety Tips

Beachgoers can face a number of risks when it comes to enjoying their time outdoors and in the water, these include risks for injuries involving:

  • Sunburns – The Texas heat can be oppressive, which puts beachgoers at risk of suffering serious sunburns. To protect yourself and your loved ones, be sure to follow guidlines for using sunscreen as a line of prevention. Organizations like the American Red Cross recommend using sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15, re-applying sunscreen when spending longer periods of times outdoors, and taking umbrellas or other accessories to help you cover up or find some shade.
  • Diving-related injuries – Many beachgoers suffer injuries by diving into the ocean. These include not only minor scrapes and bruises, but also serious injuries like broken bones, lacerations, and even brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. Be sure you and anyone else who plans on diving knows how deep the water is, pays attention to changing tides, and avoids diving directly down into the water or diving in shallow areas.
  • Drowning / submersion injuries – Drowning and submersion injuries are always a concern with water activities, and especially so at beaches where surf, tides, and rip currents can make swimming safely more difficult. To avoid these types of injuries, always swim with a buddy or at beaches with lifeguards on duty, consider wearing life vests, supervise children, and learn how to react when caught in a rip tide. According to experts, the best approach to getting out of a rip current is to remain calm, swim parallel to shore, and swim slowly to shore or float in the water until you are free.]
  • Soft-tissue injuries – Getting your feet in the sand is one of the most enjoyable parts of going to the beach, but it does pose risks of soft-tissue injuries like cuts and deep lacerations. Experts advise wearing shoes when walking along the sand, especially in areas you’ve never yet been, and inspecting the area around where you set up shop for any depris, broken glass, and other hazards that can harm your feet.

Beach Injuries & Personal Injury Lawsuits

While there are many different types of beach injuries, those which are caused by the negligence of another may warrant personal injury lawsuits from victims. This is particularly true when accidents and injuries are preventable if not for negligent or wrongful acts, and when certain parties failed to uphold any legal obligations for keeping others safe. Examples of situations or injuries on beaches that may give rise to legal action can include:

  • Premises liability – There are situations where beach injuries are caused by the negligence of premises owners that own property, businesses, or other services available to the public. When it comes to premises liability, property owners have an obligation to keep guests and visitors safe, and to address any potential hazards that may cause them harm. If these property owners fail to do so and victims suffer harm as a result – such as when unfastened umbrellas on their premises are swept off by wind, or when hazards are left unaddressed so that they create risks for slip and fall accidents– injured victims may have the right to seek a recovery of their damages through the filing of a personal injury claim.
  • Rental companies – Some beaches may have businesses which cater to beachgoers by renting boats, toys, or equipment. Should these companies fail to ensure the safety of the products they rent to consumers, or otherwise act negligently in ensuring consumers can use them safely, they may be held liable for damages following preventable accidents.
  • Negligent beachgoers – Beaches are shared by numerous locals and tourists who can harm others as a result of their negligence. If the negligence of another beachgoer caused your injuries, you may have the right to hold them accountable and liable for your damages. This may involve situations where beachgoers leave debris or items that post trip and fall hazards, cause car accidents in parking lots, fail to secure beach umbrellas that may be swept off by wind, fail to control their pets and contribute to dog bites, and more.
  • Product Liability – Manufacturers that make consumer products can be held liable for any design, manufacturing, or marketing errors that make those products inherently unsafe. When consumers suffer injuries as a result of defective products they bring to the beach, they may have options for pursuing compensation under product liability laws.

If you or someone you love has suffered a preventable injury on a beach anywhere in Texas, you can find more information about your rights, whether you may have a potential personal injury case, and how our legal team at The Daspit Law Firm can help by contacting us for a FREE consultation.

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