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Winter Safety Tips: Protect Yourself Against Common Seasonal Accidents

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With the holidays approaching and winter on its way, there are seasonal trends that make it clear time of year has changed. Although snow and picturesque changes in season may not be among these changes in Houston or other surrounding areas of Texas, there are unique issues associated with this time of year that can increase risks for certain types of accidents.

As a law firm that advocates for injured victims year-round, The Daspit Law Firm sees marked trends in the types of cases we handle during the holiday and winter months. Often, these cases involve common holiday and winter accidents, as well as injuries that could and should have been prevented.

To help keep you and your loved ones safe this holiday and winter season, our Houston personal injury lawyers have provided tips to avoid common seasonal accidents:

  • Drunk driving – Although the holiday season is time for celebration, it is also a time statistically associated with a substantial increase in alcohol-related wrecks, injuries, and deaths. This is why law enforcement agencies across the nation typically increase DWI enforcement efforts during holiday weekends and winter months when more people have free time to celebrate and imbibe. If you have plans to celebrate the holidays or vacation with alcohol, do your part to keep roadways safe by never climbing behind the wheel while impaired. Plan for a sober ride, take a taxi or Uber / Lyft, or stay the night where you’ll be drinking. If you are harmed by a drunk driver at any time, remember you can hold them liable for your damages through a personal injury claim.
  • Other auto accidents – Drunk driving is not the only roadway risk elevated during holidays and the winter. Other factors associated with this time of year can also make public roads and highways more dangerous. These can include increases in traffic congestion caused by people traveling for holidays or vacations, more tourists or out-of-town motorists unfamiliar with the local landscape, distracted drivers who are more concerned with making plans than driving, fatigue drivers, and more. Driver fatigue and other issues may also increase risks of truck accidents, especially when trucking companies struggle to keep up with a busy holiday season. If you get behind the wheel, make sure you know where you’re going, have adequate rest, and always make safety a priority.
  • Pedestrian safety – During the holidays, there may be more pedestrians on the road, some of whom may be on their way to shop, celebrate with family or friends, or even enjoy holiday lights and festivities. As a pedestrian, be aware of your surroundings and increased roadway risks, and take steps to supervise children and make yourself visible by wearing bright or reflective clothing. When possible, stick to the sidewalk and always obey traffic laws to reduce risks of preventable pedestrian accidents.
  • Dangerous premises – With crowded shopping malls, family visits, and bustling businesses or homes, property hazards pose increased risks for injuries. As a business owner, remember it is your obligation to address any potential hazards to keep visitors safe. As a homeowner, you should also take steps to ensure a safe property before company arrives. Per law, victims injured on another’s property – either as a result of negligent supervision, negligent security, slip and fall hazards, or other dangers, can pursue compensation for their damages by filing a premises liability claim.
  • Slip and fall accidents – As mentioned, bustling stores, malls, and events create the potential for more property hazards, including wet or slippery floors, exposed cords or wires, and other hazards that may cause guests to slip, trip, and fall. Take the time to address these issues whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, and remember that victims have right to seek compensation following preventable injuries.
  • Defective Products – During the holidays, children and adults alike may receive new toys and products. However, because certain defectively designed or manufactured products can pose risks to consumers, you need to be sure they are not subject to any recalls, that they are used as intended, and that children have supervision when necessary. Even if precautions are taken, some defective products can still cause injury, which is why victims have the right to seek legal action.

At The Daspit Law Firm, we know that even taking all precautions to reduce risks may not be enough to provide safety against negligence. If you or someone you love suffer preventable injuries during the holiday or winter season, our legal team is available around the clock to help you understand your rights and what we can do to help. For a FREE consultation, call (888) 273-1045.

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