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The Daspit Law Firm Represents Victims, First Responders Injured in Chemical Plant Fire After Hurricane Harvey

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The Daspit Law Firm is currently representing several victims, including first responders, who were injured in a chemical plant fire that occurred after it was hit by Hurricane Harvey. A lawsuit stemming from the incident and filed by several of the injured emergency workers has named Arkema, a chemical manufacturing company, as the defendant. As the lawsuit alleges, Arkema failed to take proper steps in securing dangerous chemicals and avoiding fire hazards at its plant in Crosby, Texas in preparation for Hurricane Harvey.

The lawsuit is seeking compensation for police, fire, and emergency medical technicians for injuries sustained as a result of Arkema’s negligence, which allowed flammable organic peroxides stored at the facility to ignite when the storm caused the plant to lose power.

According to authorities, at least 15 emergency workers required medical treatment for serious injuries sustained when they inhaled smoke and toxic fumes while manning an evacuation perimeter near the plant. Chemicals produced by the plant, which are used in the manufacturing of plastics, had been moved into nine trailers prior to the evacuation of plant workers. Federal regulators from the Chemical Safety Board and the Environmental Protection agency are investigating the incident and monitoring the site for pollutants.

Our legal team at The Daspit Law Firm intends to fight zealously on behalf of the victims and first responders harmed in this incident, as well as any other victims who may have suffered injuries as a result of the plant fire. Our firm is also representing residents across Texas as they navigate homeowner’s insurance claims in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

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