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The Daspit Law Firm Represents Victim of Haverstock Hill Apartments Shooting

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The Daspit Law Firm is currently representing one of the victims involved in a fatal shooting that claimed the lives of two people and wounded four others at a Houston apartment complex last month. Our legal team is actively investigating the incident, and is encouraging other victims and families affected by this tragedy to reach out to our firm to discuss their rights and how our Houston personal injury attorneys can help.

The case stems from a shooting incident that took place on Sunday, March 26th at the Haverstock Hill Apartments in Houston, near Aldine Bender in northeast Harris County. According to authorities, two men who did not live at the complex arrived in a vehicle and opened fire with an assault rifle that discharged nearly 20 rounds. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that the shooting was in connection to an earlier argument.

Following an investigation, 34-year-old Harvey Jones was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for his alleged role in handing the gun to the shooter. Jones’ brother was also initially charged with capital murder as the suspected shooter, but charges were later dropped due to what police referred to as mistaken identity. Authorities are still looking for the shooter in the incident.

This act of violence has had a profound impact on the victims and families involved, as well as the local community and residents of the apartment complex. In total, six people were struck by bullets and two victims died. Three of the victims who were shot were siblings, including a former contestant on America’s Top Model who is well known in the local community. Though she survived, her brother died from his injuries. A teenage girl was also injured when she was struck by a bullet. All those affected with face a long road to recovering from their physical and emotional injuries.

As advocates for one of the victims of this tragedy, our legal team will stay close to the ongoing investigation. Our focus will not only be on ensuring our client receives the treatment and necessary health care services they require, but also on determining whether or not this tragedy could and should have been prevented. For instance, personal injury cases involving shootings may involve the issue of premises liability, which holds property owners accountable for ensuring a safe premises for visitors, guests, and even residents. Premises owners can potentially be held accountable when they fail to address potential hazards or fail to employ adequate security, and victims suffer preventable harm as a result.

The Daspit Law Firm intends to stay close to this case and to offer our services to all other victims and families who may have been affected. With decades of combined experience, our attorneys understand the vital role we play in righting wrongs and advocating for the injured. This is why we go above and beyond when supporting our clients and their loved ones through all stages of their recovery and case, and why we fight aggressively to leverage our extensive insight and resources for their benefit. In every case we handle, we pursue the maximum compensation possible. Over the years, this approach has enabled us to earn a reputation of client satisfaction and success.

If you have questions related to this incident or wish to discuss a potential case with a member of our team, do not hesitate to request a FREE and confidential consultation. Our firm is available 24/7 to help, and also makes home and hospital visits.

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