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Will Your Texas Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

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A common concern injured victims have when beginning the personal injury claim process is whether or not their case will go to trial. The answer to this question, as with many legal questions, is that it simply depends on the unique facts and circumstances involved in your case.

  • Not All Cases Go to Trial - The most essential fact injured victims should understand is that not every personal injury case will extend into the trial phase. In fact, a large percentage of personal injury claims can be successfully resolved out of court during settlement negotiations, without ever having to go to trial. Reaching a fair and full settlement can cut costs and save victims and their loved ones the emotional expense of a longer, potentially more stressful legal process. Because insurance companies do their best to pay as little as possible, we prepare our cases as if we are going to trial so as to secure the maximum compensation possible.
  • When Trial Becomes an Option - Trials may become an option under different circumstances. For example, some defendants or insurance providers may dispute victims' claims or offer unfair settlement amounts that fall short of meeting victims' needs. In these situations, a victim's right to trial can become a powerful tool for obtaining complete compensation. At The Daspit Law Firm, we openly discuss trial options and the best pathway for helping clients secure the compensation they deserve.
  • Experience to Produce Favorable Results - Ultimately, whether or not your personal injury claim will go to trial will depend on the facts of your case, the actions of the defendant, and your personal decision. Regardless of what your case involves, you can be confident that Attorney John Daspit and our legal team have the experience to effectively work toward fair compensation during both settlement negotiations and trial. We fight for favorable results in any situation.

With years of experience as a former insurance defense lawyer, skillful negotiator, and tough trial lawyer, Mr. Daspit is prepared to help injured victims throughout Houston and the surrounding communities of Texas achieve successful outcomes in their unique personal injury cases.

If you would like more information about your case, the settlement and trial process, and how our firm can help, request a FREE consultation with a Houston personal injury attorney by calling (713) 364-0915.

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