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6 Common Truck Accident Questions

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Like any traffic accident, truck collisions can result in serious injuries and costly damages. As a Houston personal injury law firm, the legal team at The Daspit Law Firm has an in-depth understanding of commercial truck accidents and personal injury lawsuits. Continue reading to learn more about these accidents and find answers to common truck accident questions.

"What is a commercial truck?"

The term "commercial" refers to a type of vehicle classification. Specifically, commercial vehicles are used to ship goods or transport people from one location to another. Large commercial trucks (18-wheelers, semi-trucks, etc.) and passenger-carrying vehicles like buses are heavily regulated by state and federal safety agencies.

"What makes truck accidents different from typical car crashes?"

Passenger vehicle accidents are very dangerous, but trucks increase the likelihood of injury and death because of their size and weight. A large truck can easily weigh up to 80,000 pounds, making it difficult to maneuver or stop. Catastrophic injuries and deaths occur more frequently in trucking accidents than other traffic crashes.

"Can I sue the trucking company for my injury?"

All cases are different, but victims do typically work to hold trucking companies and drivers accountable for damages. If the driver was an official employee, you may be able to hold the company responsible for negligent hiring, poor vehicle maintenance, or other violations that contributed to your accident and injuries.

"I am partially responsible for the accident. Am I still eligible for compensation?"

Yes. You can pursue compensation for your accident even if you were somewhat at fault for the collision. Generally speaking, you must be able to show that the other driver or his / her employer is more than 50% responsible for your injury; otherwise, you may not be able to file a successful claim.

"I was injured in a truck accident. What should I do?"

If you suffered an injury in a commercial truck collision, speak with an attorney. The Daspit Law Firm provides personal injury representation to clients throughout the greater Houston area. Call our office at (713) 364-0915 for a free consultation regarding your case.

For more information about truck accident claims and lawsuits, visit our truck accident page.

"What are the most common truck accident causes?"

Truck accidents can be caused by many different things, including bad driving, poor road maintenance, driver intoxication, and weather conditions. Some of the most common commercial truck accident causes are:

  • Unsafe Driving (Commercial Vehicle) - Although truck drivers are required to complete extensive training, they are not immune to mistakes. A truck driver could pull out in front of a passenger car, fail to use the vehicle's blinker, or drive dangerously in a number of ways. Any of these negligent actions could lead to a wreck.
  • Fatigued Driving – A tired driver behind the wheel of a big rig all too often spells disaster on the road. For this reason, the trucking industry is heavily regulated on how long drivers are permitted to work and on-duty, and how often they must take rest breaks.
  • Driving Under the Influence - Driving under the influence is illegal and dangerous. Additionally, drugged driving is identified as a common problem among truck drivers. If your accident was caused by a drunk or drugged driver, you have the right to sue for financial compensation.
  • Vehicle Maintenance - Poor vehicle maintenance can lead to break failure, tire blowouts, or a variety of other mechanical problems. Generally speaking, the truck driver's employer, such as the trucking company, is responsible to maintain the truck and keep it safe. However, the truck driver could be held liable as well.

If you need a truck accident lawyer in Houston, contact The Daspit Law firm today. We offer free, no-obligation initial case consultations and are ready to use our expertise to provide the legal guidance you need. Fill out an online case evaluation form today!

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