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Understanding Different Types of Product Defects

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Product liability is a legal area that concerns the rights of consumers injured as a result of using defective products. From what we see in the news and on TV, the public tends to generalize product defects. For many, when we think of defective products, we simply think of something dangerous that causes harm. While this may true generally, product liability can entail more complicated elements.

When handling product liability cases, our legal team will work with victims to understand how and why an accident and injury occurred. We conduct thorough investigations, and work toward proving that another entity can be held liable for our client’s damages.

Aside from establishing fault and accountability, product liability cases are hinged on the ability to prove that a product is defective - and that the defect made the product dangerous enough to cause preventable harm to innocent consumers. There are three different types of types of defects that can prove a manufacturer or supplier should be held liable for a victim’s damages:

  • Design defect - Products with design defects have defects present before a product is ever manufactured, making the product inherently unsafe. It is a manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure a product is safely designed.
  • Manufacturing defect - These defects include errors made during the manufacturing process that render a product unsafe for use. Common examples include using low-quality materials and poor workmanship.
  • Marketing defect - These refer to errors in marketing efforts that can lead to consumers suffering preventable harm. Typically, marketing defects include improper instructions on how to use a product or failures to warn consumers about nonobvious dangers inherent to the product.

Whatever the circumstances in your case may be, our legal team is here to help you understand how you may be eligible to recover financial compensation and what we can do to help. For more information about product liability and filing a personal injury claim, contact The Daspit Law Firm for a FREE, personalized case review.

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