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The Connections Between Price and Auto Safety

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When buying a new car, you may hear people say, “You pay for what you get.” While this might be a common phrase, many people do not stop to think about that truth behind such a statement. Recently, the University of Buffalo conducted a study regarding the size and price of vehicles in connection with personal injury claims derived from car accidents. The information about medical claims in collisions that involved 360 cars and trucks ranging from models produced from 2010-2012, anywhere from heavy-duty 4x4 trucks all the way to SmartCars was gathered together in an effort to draw conclusions about price and vehicle safety. In short, the study proved that you truly do pay for what you get.

The Conclusions of the Study

Professor of medicine and biomedical research at the University of Buffalo, Dietrich Jehle, stated that the type of vehicle, the price of the vehicle, and the weight of a vehicle (the curbweight) are all factors that directly correlate with personal injury costs. The study ended with the following, very interesting conclusions:

  • People driving more expensive vehicles are more likely to be safer than persons driving a more inexpensive vehicle.
  • For every extra $10,000 a person spends on a vehicle, personal injuries decrease by roughly 12%.
  • Every added 1,000 pounds of weight on a vehicle made vehicles about 19% safer.
  • Heavier vehicles push the lighter ones around during collisions with 2 or more vehicles involved
  • When a smaller vehicle collides with a larger vehicle, the change in velocity may oftentimes cause the smaller vehicle to engage into reverse.
  • Larger vehicles tend to surround passengers with more protective materials.
  • Taller vehicles are able to impact smaller vehicles in more vulnerable spots.
  • Expensive vehicles are typically safer because they are usually made with better quality safety features and are heavier than more inexpensive vehicles.

Although more expensive cars are generally safer than inexpensive cars, many of the safety features being incorporated into the more expensive vehicles are now being added to the smaller and cheaper vehicles. However, aside from safety features and the size of your vehicle, car accidents are always frightening. Whether you are in the large vehicle or the small vehicle, a car accident can result in serious injuries, in which case it is pertinent you contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

What Should I do if I have been Involved in a Car Accident?

Regardless of the vehicle size or cost, it is important to contact a car accident attorney directly following your car accident. Many injuries are not felt initially or shortly following the car accident, leaving many people feeling their injuries days or weeks after the car accident. For this reason, it is important to seek legal help so that you can ensure your accident is being looked at in detail. You may be compensated for your injuries.

Our Galveston car accident lawyers at The Daspit Law Firm understand the severity of small and large accident cases and wish to see that our clients are taken care of through the entire process. We seek maximum compensation for your injuries and provide 24/7 services to provide you with top-tier representation any time of day.

If you have been involved in a car accident, contact our Galveston personal injury attorneys today at (888) 221-2437. You pay absolutely nothing unless we win!

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