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Summer Driving Risks

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A normal year is filled with school sessions, full-time jobs, and responsibilities, making summer time one of the most gratifying parts of the year for many people. With summer vacations in full effect, many people are on the roads traveling to visit new destinations, spending time with old friends, or lounging around with far-away family. For these reasons, highways, freeways, and even city streets become more congested during the summer. Below is a list of potential summer driving dangers and tips on how to avoid them:

  • Bicyclists on the road
  • During the summer, many bicyclists like to get out on the road to enjoy the warmer weather. However, this can be dangerous when drivers are not keeping an eye on the road at all times.

Tip: Make sure to always keep your eyes on the road and be aware that there are smaller vehicles that may be in your blind spots.

  • More vacationing teenagers on the road
  • Because it is rare that there are mandatory school sessions for high school students during the summer, many of these young persons are traveling the roads. However, due to an unavoidable lack of experience with driving, many young motorists do not know how to react while driving which can lead to car accidents.

Tip: Try to travel during times when it is less likely that teenagers will be driving. If this is unavoidable, make sure to keep an appropriate amount of distance between you and other vehicles on the road. You may have to adjust for an inexperienced driver’s maneuvers.

  • Tire Blow Outs
  • Tires can become inflated during the summer time due to the high temperatures. This can cause over-inflation resulting in a tire blow out causing loss of control if the vehicle is in motion.

Tip: Make sure that you keep an eye on your tire pressure visually and accurately, using a tire pressure gauge.

  • Tourists in unfamiliar territory
  • Many people use their summer vacations to travel to new areas. As a result, many people drive on roads that they are unfamiliar with in order to reach a destination. By being unfamiliar with an area, a tourist may increase the risk of a car accident by not knowing where to go, or by becoming confused with road signs while driving.

Tip: If you know the territory, try to avoid traveling anywhere during the times tourists are more likely to be out and driving. If unavoidable, keep in mind that drivers new to the area might make last minute driving decisions that you may have to look out for.

Summer Driving Accidents

While summer may be regarded as a dangerous time to drive, driving cannot always be avoided. With so many places to go, so many people to visit, and so many new adventures all around, it is impossible to stay put during the summer. However, it is important to keep these issues in mind when choosing to get on the road during these warm summer months.

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