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Is Auto Safety Playing a Bigger Role in Customer Satisfaction Scores?

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The adventure of buying a new car is always exciting. But, do we ever stop to think about the particular aspects that become important when selecting what model car we are going to buy? Some may have a list of factors they are looking for such as a good turning radius, a decent-sized wheel base, a good power to weight ratio, automatic locking doors, automatic windows, and more. However, recent studies showed that people are considering various safety features when buying a car. Of course, better safety, happier family.

2015 APEAL Test Results

Every year, US Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study℠, also referred to as the APEAL, releases a test based on a 1,000-point scale, which allows for car owners to rate their across 77 attributes. This test is designed to track what factors went right for consumers purchasing certain cars, what people enjoy about their newly-purchased cars, and what went wrong or can be improved about their new vehicles. This year, APEAL issued the test to 84,000 purchasers or lessees after 90 days of ownership. This 2015 test recorded that safety-related technologies and features are making vehicles more appealing not only to new owners, but to new buyers as well. As a result, the overall score increased by 4 points from the test issued last year. This was due to a significantly increased appreciation for safety features. Below are some of the various safety features that affected the overall APEAL score:

  • Blind-Spot Warning Systems: The APEAL test verified that nearly 69% of vehicle owners utilize this feature every time they drive.
  • Parking Assistance Systems: The test proved that nearly 63% of vehicle owners utilize this feature every time they park.
  • Lane Departure Warning Systems: The APEAL test recorded that nearly 21% of vehicle owners purchased their vehicles with this feature
  • Collision Avoidance & Alert Systems: The test documented that nearly 25% of vehicle owners purchased their vehicles with this feature.

These safety features have proved to not only be selling factors, but to be a useful daily tool when car owners take their vehicles on the road. On average, people driving cars and trucks with these safety systems rated their cars nearly 38 points higher than those vehicle owners without. Moreover, many drivers stated that they would pay up to $750 more in order to have features such as blind-spot warning systems in their vehicles. Overall, the 2015 APEAL test proved that when it comes to driving, people are more willing to purchase a vehicle that will keep them and their families safe. So what will you look for when buying a new car for you and your family?

The Daspit Law Firm’s Perspective

The San Antonio car accident lawyers at The Daspit Law Firm understand the dangers of being on the road every day. For this reason, our firm is excited and happy to hear that more people are considering safety features when picking out new vehicles. Of course, other features of vehicles are enjoyable, but what can replace the benefits of keeping your family as safe as possible?

The San Antonio car accident attorneys at The Daspit Law Firm commend you for choosing wisely. Drive safely, our friends!

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