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How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween Night

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With all of the extravagant decorations and sweet treats at every door, it is almost impossible not to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Because many people are walking, and many cars are still on the road, Halloween evening can be extremely dangerous. To keep your family safe, consider the helpful tips we have listed below:

1. Walk in Lit Areas

  • For the most part, Halloween festivities occur throughout the evening when it is dark outside. To avoid being hit by a car, be sure that you and your family walk in well-lit areas. By staying in highly visible areas, motorists will be more likely to see you.

2. Obey All Traffic and Crosswalk Signs

  • If you and your family plan to trick-or-treat in various neighborhoods, you may find yourself needing to cross intersections. If this is the case, it is important that you and your family use and obey all crosswalk signals and signs. Designated crosswalk areas are safer than unguarded walkways since motorists are more inclined to look out for pedestrians in crosswalks.

3. Hold Your Children’s Hands When Crossing Streets

  • If you are trick-or-treating with small children, it is crucial that you hold your children’s hands when crossing streets. This will keep your children from running into moving traffic and will allow you to know exactly where they are at all times.

4. Travel in Groups

  • If you plan to walk with your friends or family during the evening, it is wise to travel in large groups because groups of people are more visible. Motorists will be more likely to see a group of people crossing rather than a single person.

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