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Family of Woman Killed While Riding Texas Giant Ride Awarded Settlement

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On July 19, 2013, a 52-year-old woman and her family visited Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, when she tragically fell to her death aboard one of the popular attractions. The ride she was on, the Texas Giant, at its summit, was 153 feet high, had a speed of 65 mph, and involved a variety of hard banks and turns, and steep drops. The ride was immensely popular when it was renovated in 2011, attracting thousands of visitors to the park and promising lots of fun that bordered the lines of thrill and excitement.

Yet, when the woman was flung from the ride and fell 75 feet to her death, the image of fun and excitement ended for her family and thus began a nearly two-year nightmare, until the settlement was reached this last winter 2014.

Liability Blame Game

Initially, Six Flags Over Texas denied any liability in the case, calling it simply a tragic accident. Yet, legal representatives for the woman’s family pointed out several issues concerning employee negligence: lack of due care and ignoring the basic guidelines for safety. The woman, who had a larger frame, had not been securely fastened in her seat. The employees failed to recognize and ensure this. Those riding beside the woman claimed that she had been trying to get the attention of the employees, noting that her seat belt felt loose.

Furthermore, they alleged that the warning lights that would tell employees that all riders were safely restrained had been malfunctioning for quite some time.

After the woman’s death, Six Flags Over Texas closed for the ride for two months, and then reopened to a whole new renovation. It was even renamed to the New Texas Giant.

Lawsuits were filed against Six Flags Entertainment Corp. and Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, who then filed claims against each other. Gerstlauer alleged that Six Flags was negligent, while Six Flags alleged Gerstlauer had some serious flaws in the design, causing the ride to be defective.

The trial had been scheduled for early 2015, but a settlement had been reached in December 2014. According to the family’s attorney, they are “happy” with the settlement, though the final amount was kept confidential.

Justice for Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths are tragic ordeals for families to go through, as seen in the incident above, and many accidents are preventable. While compensation cannot change what happened on that day, it can help recover the economic losses incurred, such as lost wages from an earning member of the family, and hospital or funeral expenses. Non-economic losses, including pain and suffering, and deprivation of the love, care, and support of that family member may also be recovered.

You have a right to pursue compensation if you have had a wrongful death in your family. We are on your team! Call our Victoria personal injury attorneys at Daspit Law Firm when you are ready to begin.

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