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Balcony Collapse in San Francisco Leaves Six Dead

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Near San Francisco, a balcony on the fourth floor of an apartment complex collapsed. The accident occurred just after midnight on Tuesday during a party. Six were killed from the incident, with seven more sent to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Of the six that were killed, five were students who were visiting from Ireland as part of a summer work program.

Could poor maintenance be to blame?

Balcony collapses are typically a hallmark of an older building, or a mismanaged one that has not been well-maintained. The building, just a couple of blocks away from the University of California Berkeley campus, was built in 2007. This incident may point to a clear-cut case of premises liability.

In such cases, claims may allege any of the following:

  • Lack of warnings and safety precautions
  • Inadequate security
  • Slip and falls
  • Neglect on the part of the owner or site maintenance manager

At this time, cause for the collapse has yet to be determined, however, many believe that improper maintenance, lack of safety precautions, and supervision of the property may all have played roles in the collapse.

One Expert Believes Dry Rot Is the Cause

One expert also pinpoints dry rot as a cause. Again, while the structure was relatively new, having been built in 2007, and the design of the building was practically flawless, the wood that held the balcony to the building was deteriorating quickly due to dry rot.

When the balcony was taken apart on Wednesday, the wood revealed the deteriorated state of the wood, and clear evidence that there was damaged wood. Some residents of the apartment complex had long complained about rainwater seeping in through their roofs. The complex had also been cited in 2013 for many building code violations.

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We will keep all of the victims and their families in our thoughts as they go through this time.

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