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Amtrak Accident Victims May Face Legal Hurdles in Fight for Justice

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It has been nearly a week since last Tuesday’s fatal Amtrak accident in Philadelphia caused 8 deaths and over 150 injuries. In the short amount of time that has passed, federal investigators have been working tirelessly to determine what exactly caused the incident. According to preliminary investigations, the train inexplicably sped up to 106 mph when approaching a 50 mph curve. Investigators are still exploring whether this was caused by operator performance or mechanical malfunction.

As the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) continues its investigation, victims and families affected by the crash are just beginning the long and difficult journey to repair their lives. This journey may become increasingly complicated due to a little-known federal law that limits compensation train accident victims can recover.

Here are a few details about the federal law:

  • Under a law passed by Congress in 1997, compensation for all victims injured in a single train accident or incident is capped at $200 million.
  • The cap creates significant barriers to victims recovering full compensation because so many were affected.
  • In a similar case involving a 2008 Metrolink crash in Los Angeles, the cap prevented many victims from recovering full compensation for their future medical expenses and pain and suffering.

The federal law is being scrutinized by many who believe victims have the right to be fully compensated after being harmed in accidents they did not cause. Because of the law, the battle for victims affected by last week’s tragedy will unfortunately be troublesome.

At The Daspit Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping victims and families in their fight for full and fair compensation after they suffered losses due to the actions of others. Our team hopes for the best for those beginning their legal journeys in this case, and we offer our extensive personal injury experience to any victims and families who wish to learn more about their situation and rights. For a free consultation, contact our firm.

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