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Recover Your Money from an Insurance Company in Galveston

Were you wrongfully denied of insurance coverage?

Have you lost money due to an accident or injury? Has your business suffered as a result of toxic waste or another environmental-related issue? You have probably relied on your insurance company to provide you with the financial backing to soften the blow of the resulting events after an accident.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not exist to give you the most money possible. Most times, insurance companies or other liable parties do not pay out claims in the fair way that they are supposed to be paid out. This sad reality forces many victims of unexpected accidents to stress over how to make ends meet, especially after being denied the money that is needed to adequately deal with the aftermath of an accident.

Our Former Insurance Defense Attorney Fights for You

The Daspit Law Firm proudly represents individuals and consumer insurance policyholders against major insurance companies in the Galveston, Texas area. Our insurance recovery lawyers have secured substantial settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. If you are an insurance policyholder and have been improperly delayed, underpaid, or refused your entitled benefits without explanation, you must speak with a professional at our firm immediately.

We have acted on behalf of countless policyholders of every type of insurance claim, including:

  • Homeowners insurance claims
  • Business insurance claims
  • Car accident claims
  • Health insurance claims
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Underpayment of claims
  • Delayed payment of claims
  • Insurance negligence

In order to make a claim against an insurance company, you must work with a professional. We can help you properly calculate the revenue or potential revenue that you have lost so that you can recover adequately after any type of loss. You may have many concerns regarding the upcoming legal process, but with The Daspit Law Firm at your side, we can give you the support needed to initiate an insurance claim and the persistence needed to bring about the fastest, most cost-effective resolution.

Recover the insurance money you lost with the help of The Daspit Law Firm!

While insurance companies are focused on their bottom lines, you could be struggling financially, emotionally, and physically as a result of your accident. At The Daspit Law Firm, we strongly believe that the stress and anxiety that you must be experiencing at this time are completely unreasonable. As a former insurance defense attorney, John Daspit can bring invaluable insight to any insurance dispute. We understand how the opposition operates and can use this insider's knowledge to bring about a favorable result for you.

Call Our Galveston Injury Attorneys for a Free Consultation

You have the right to file a claim for financial compensation caused by someone else's negligence. Let us level the playing field so that you can obtain your entitled financial coverage and fair protection after an accident. We work on a contingency-fee basis, meaning you won't ever have to worry about any legal fees until we secure a recovery for you.

If you are in need of financial compensation after an accident, do not forego your right to legal representation. Contact The Daspit Law Firm immediately and schedule your free case evaluation to learn how we can protect your rights.

We Take Your Fight As Far As It Needs To Go

All too often, accident victims are steamrolled by insurance companies determined to minimize or deny their claims. Don't let this happen to you. Hire us to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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