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Non-Subscriber Work Injuries

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Non-Subscriber Work Injury Claims – Walmart

Filed for Galveston Walmart Employees

Texas does not require employers to use its statewide workers’ compensation program. Instead, employers can use a customized insurance plan that is entirely unregulated by the government, giving more power to the employer and less to the employee. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is one of the most recognizable companies to have opted out of the Texas workers’ comp program. As a result, Walmart employees in Texas do not have traditional workers’ compensation coverage and must instead file a non-subscriber work injury claim if they get hurt on-the-job.

Did you get hurt while working at the Galveston Walmart? You do not need to try to sort through your claim and seek compensation on your own. Call (888) 221-2437 to speak with a non-subscriber work injury attorney from Daspit Law Firm. We are here to give you trustworthy legal guidance and genuine moral support during this confusing time.

Employees from all positions at Walmart can work with our lawyers, such as:

  • Door greeters
  • Merchandisers
  • Stockroom clerks
  • Cashiers
  • Managers
  • Security personnel

Since Walmart has opted out of any state-regulated workers’ comp programs, the insurance coverage and benefits it offers to its employees in Texas are entirely under its own control. There are sure to be ample rules, terms, and conditions you must follow closely to file for compensation after a work injury. As your attorneys, it will be our job to help you understand these many rules and file an effective claim.

Start your claim the right way by contacting our law firm today.

Workplace Accidents in Walmart

As most anyone knows, Walmart is always busy. Even shortly after opening or just before closing, crowds of shoppers go to the Galveston Walmart for any number of items. Unfortunately, the busy environment of a Walmart lends itself to an increased chance of on-the-job dangers for associates there.

Examples of accidents and incidents that may commonly occur within a Walmart include:

  • Slip or trip and fall accidents
  • Struck by falling objects, like product in an overstock
  • Back and knee injuries from lifting heavy product
  • Pedestrian accidents in the parking lot
  • Assaults from unruly patrons or other employees

As a non-subscriber company, Walmart is allowed to factor liability into work injury claims it receives from injured employees. That is to say, you could be found liable for your own work accident and have your claim rejected. You should work with our lawyers from Daspit Law Firm to ensure your claim is properly created and your liability is minimized.

What Coverage Do You Get If Hurt at Walmart?

The benefits you may be entitled to through a workers’ comp plan managed by Walmart in Galveston could vary since Walmart and its insurance providers are in complete control of the plan. Ideally, you will be given coverage to pay for all medical treatments necessary to help you recuperate after your accident. You might also be able to expect a portion of your normal wages to be paid to you each week.

Death benefits and permanent disability payments are rare among non-subscriber workers’ compensation insurance plans, though. If you lose a loved one in a work-related accident at Walmart, or if you are severely and permanently injured yourself, you may need to resort to a traditional personal injury claim filed against your employer to pursue the right and fair amount of compensation.

Quick Tips for Filing a Walmart Non-Subscriber Claim

  1. Tell your boss about your accident: You should never try to hide your work injury from your supervisor. Doing so will raise suspicion about your account, and it could actually void your ability to file a non-subscriber work injury claim at all. Instead, tell a Walmart supervisor or manager immediately after you get hurt.
  2. Follow instructions closely: Your supervisor should give you instructions about how to file and follow up with your claim after you tell them about your accident. Follow the instructions as best you can. Deviating from them could create a clerical error that complicates or cancels your claim.
  3. Call a lawyer: Our Galveston Walmart work injury attorneys are standing by to assist Walmart employees just like you after an on-the-job accident. We can review the instructions given to you by your supervisor to make certain your claim is created carefully and correctly. In case any complications arise after it is filed, we will be there to help you pursue fair compensation, even if it means your case goes to arbitration or litigation.

You can demand compensation from Walmart, your employer, after an accident. We can help. Call (888) 221-2437 or contact us online today.

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