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Tractor Accidents

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Tractor Accidents: What You Should Know

Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney

About half of all farm and ranch injuries involve tractors. These machines are crucial for agricultural labor, but unfortunately serve a central role in injury statistics in this sector. The important thing to realize about tractor accidents is that these accidents are preventable. Some studies show that most tractor accidents are the result of human negligence.

Accidents Involving Tractors: Data & Statistics

By percentage of occurrence, these are other the most common types of fatal tractor accidents:

  • 45% of all fatal traffic accidents are rollover accidents.
  • 15% of all fatal traffic accidents are uncategorized.
  • 13% of all fatal tractor accidents involve falling from tractors.
  • 12% of all fatal tractor accidents are run-over accidents.
  • 10% of all fatal tractor accidents involve crush injuries.
  • 5% of all fatal tractor accidents are entanglement accidents.

As you can see, rollover accidents are far and away the most common cause of tractor-related fatalities. A study tracking tractor accidents discovered that 1,100 tractor rollover accidents occurred in a seven-year period in the United States. To address this problem, the United States Department of Labor established in 1976 that all tractors must adhere to a set of standards: the Rollover Protective Structure Standards or ROPS.

All tractor operators must be trained in safety procedures and proper driving technique. This training instructs drivers to always wear a seatbelt, how to properly use the brakes when at a full stop, and to avoid certain dangerous scenarios including steep slopes and ditches.

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