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Truck 18 Wheeler Accidents

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El Paso Truck Accident Lawyers

Seek Justice & Compensation. File Your Personal Injury Claim Today.

Successfully filing a personal injury claim can be difficult when a truck accident is involved. After all, many state and federal laws govern truck drivers and trucking companies. Due to the size and weight of a truck, it’s not uncommon for accident victims to sustain catastrophic injuries and require life-long medical assistance. Victims need to seek experienced legal representation with the skills to successfully recover maximum financial damages. When successful, personal injury lawsuits afford accident victims the compensation they need to cover their medical bills and any potential loss of income.

Contact The Daspit Law Firm if you’ve been injured in a truck accident. Our experienced El Paso personal injury attorneys have the resources and skills you need to pursue the compensation you deserve. Not only can we represent you in court, we can also help you file your personal injury claim and negotiate with difficult insurance companies.

Contact The Daspit Law Firm at (832) 687-2942 to schedule your free consultation with our truck accident lawyers at our office.

Filing Your Personal Injury Claim

The first step in receiving compensation is to file your personal injury claim. Legal representation is essential because a lawyer can review your case and assist you in determining the negligent party. Your lawyer also acts as a mediator between you and the defending party’s legal team. After all, you aren’t just dealing with a person in a civil lawsuit; you’re facing the full legal prowess of a corporation and their insurance company.

The Insurance Companies

A personal injury lawyer is your best defense against corporate insurance companies. After an accident, it doesn’t take long for a corporation’s insurance company to contact the victim. The goal of an insurance company is to protect their financial interests, so they are likely to try underhanded tactics to compel you to sabotage your case. For example, insurance companies record phone calls in the hope that you’ll reveal information they can use against your case. If you receive a call, forward the insurance company representative to your attorney or insurance claims adjuster.

Depending on the circumstance of an accident, an insurance company may compel you to promptly settle your case out of court. By accepting an early settlement, you sign a waiver that restricts you from pursuing additional compensation in the future. As a result, you may not receive the absolute damages you need to cover your medical care.

Seek Legal Representation Immediately

Following an accident, it’s imperative to hire a personal injury attorney immediately if you’re planning to maximize your damages. At The Daspit Law firm, we not only negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, we also prepare you for the legal process by compiling your medical records and interviewing necessary witnesses. Our team can guide you through every step of this legal process so your primary focus can be your recovery.

We understand the financial, physical, and emotional burden you’re experiencing. Because we care about our clients, we offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis. This means you can pursue justice and compensation without worrying about attorney fees. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. If your medical condition restricts you from visiting our office, our personal injury lawyers can meet with you at your home or hospital room.

We offer evening and weekend appointments! Contact our personal injury attorneys at (832) 687-2942 to explore your legal options.

We Take Your Fight As Far As It Needs To Go

All too often, accident victims are steamrolled by insurance companies determined to minimize or deny their claims. Don't let this happen to you. Hire us to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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At The Daspit Law Firm, Our Team of Attorneys Handles the Full Range of Personal Injury Cases, Including Car and Truck Accidents, Industrial Accidents, Construction Accidents, Maritime & Offshore Accidents, and Much More.


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