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Non-Subscriber Work Injuries

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Non-Subscriber Work Injury Claims – Walmart

Managing Claims for Injured Walmart Workers in Dallas

Walmart has elected to not subscribe to Texas’s workers’ compensation program. The state is actually the only one in the country that allows employers to opt out of workers’ compensation programs managed by the government. As such, employees working for a Dallas Walmart will need to seek compensation after a workplace injury through the company’s own independent and customized insurance plan.

To be clear, Walmart and its insurance provider can completely control the details of its workers’ compensation insurance plans. In order to get fair compensation and coverage, you will likely need to fight for it and prove you were not liable for your accident, just as you would with any other personal injury claim. Daspit Law Firm in Dallas can help you file and manage your non-subscriber work injury claim after you suffer an on-the-job injury while employed by Walmart, giving you all the legal support you need for the road ahead.

Call (888) 568-7176 to find out more about how Walmart handles claims filed by injured employees.

Liability May Be a Factor in Your Claim

Under typical workers’ compensation rules, an injured worker is given benefits regardless of why their work-related accident happened. With a non-subscriber like Walmart, though, claims are seen as work injury claims, factoring in liability. In other words, if you unintentionally caused your own work accident while working for Walmart in Texas, you could be denied any sort of coverage or benefits.

With the guidance and representation of Daspit Law Firm and our Dallas non-subscriber work injury claim attorneys, you can prepare a convincing claim that shows you were not liable for your accident. Once again, Walmart and its insurers have created the rules for your workers’ compensation plan. It will be our job to ensure your claim follows them accordingly while also minimizing any liability that may be placed on you for your injuries.

Walmart Workplace Injuries

We extend our legal services to Dallas Walmart employees in any position in the company and who are injured at work for any reason. Whether you are a stockroom employee who slipped on a loose product or a cart-runner who was hit by a negligent driver, we want to be the legal team that represents you.

Examples of on-the-job accidents that may occur in Walmart include but are not limited to:

  • Slip and fall
  • Struck by falling object
  • Pedestrian accidents in the parking lot
  • Back or joint injuries due to heavy lifting

Benefits You May Be Awarded for Your Claim

You may be able to collect compensation or benefits after an at-work accident in Walmart that helps cover necessary medical expenses and some of your missing wages. The extent of your benefits may vary depending on your role within the company and the details of your accident, though. With Walmart being able to decide the specifics of the coverage it provides injured workers it can be hard to predict how much you will receive.

As your attorneys, we will work diligently to ensure you are given a fair and appropriate amount. We will be ready to fight Walmart on your behalf if we must. No matter the size of the opposition, Daspit Law Firm does not back down when a clients' wellbeing is on the line.

Remember to Report Your Accident to Your Supervisor

Even though Walmart does not subscribe to the Texas workers’ compensation program, you should still handle your on-the-job accident as thoroughly as you can, starting with reporting your accident to a supervisor or manager immediately. If you wait too long to report your injuries, then the insurance company may suspect your story is fabricated and try to deny your claim outright. You may even be restricted to having just 30 days to report the incident before losing any possibility of filing a non-subscriber work injury claim at all.

You should also always do the following after a workplace accident:

  • Follow instructions: Once you report your accident to your supervisor, they should provide you with instructions on how to continue your non-subscriber work injury claim through Walmart’s insurance providers. You will need to stick to these instructions as closely as possible to avoid your claim becoming ineligible due to a clerical error.
  • Call a lawyer: More than likely, the terms and conditions of Walmart’s customized workers’ comp insurance plan are less than straightforward. Team up with a lawyer from Daspit Law Firm in Dallas to make certain you understand the procedure. Having a lawyer’s help upfront will also better prepare you for any furthered legal action that may become necessary, such as arbitration or litigation.

Begin your claim right now by calling (888) 568-7176 and speaking with a lawyer from our firm.

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